Sonic Colors DX Revised (HD overhaul)

By threethan

Sonic colors DX is an HD conversion mod for sonic colors, bringing visuals up to modern standards while keeping faithful to the original art design and developer intentions.Various visual changes have been made, in order to replicate the shading of Sonic Unleashed, which Colors is largely based on. Three optimized presets are available to allow full speed 60fps at HD and higher resolutions.

Game File WarningThe download includes all files needed for install, except for the game itself.Please obtain a dump of the game in .iso or .wbfs format using legal means (.nkit.iso is not compatible!!!)

Key Features

  • Quick & Easy setup utility: No technical knowledge required!
  • Unlimited Resolution, 60fps4k UI & Xbox-Style button prompts
  • High Resolution textures for stages, enemies, and objects
  • Original high poly models for Sonic, and most stage objects
  • Greatly improved lighting & fixed bloom
  • Much faster loading
  • An option to restore orignal level order

Full/Technical List of Changes

  • Original HD sonic model with greatly improved shading via custom material maps
  • Original high-poly models for the following objects: Ring, Red Ring, Blue Ring, Spring (all variants) Sonic Jumpball, SM Jars, PW Barrels, Bomb, Dash Ring, Rainbow Dash Ring, Goal Ring, Goal Wisp Capsule, and level-specific gimmick objects
  • HD UI by Triforce141, with ultimate-style xbox prompts by myself
  • Various original texture improvements
  • Removed original bloom, which breaks above 480p, and replaced it with superior post processed bloom
  • Aquarium Park Act1 now starts after the first loop, fixing an issue where you'd clip out of it and die with the 60fps patch
  • Preconfigured IIshruka Dolphin w/ preconfigured IIshruka FX
  • A batch script that will run users through setup, and launch the game
  • A batch script that allows configuration of additional settings
  • Three graphics presets and an option to restore originally intended level orders

Known Issues

  • The game will stutter slightly when preloading custom textures, this should stop after being open for 2-3 minutes
  • Issues with 60fps patch that are not fixed:
    • Occasionally objects will flicker during transitions
    • You need to boost to clear a certain ramp on Asteroid Coaster Act 4, which originally only required running
    • It is possible to get stuck on certain springs with precise spacing - Just restart from the pause menu if this happens- Trying to take a screenshot using dolphin will crash the game

threethan - Project Creator, Object Models, Some Textures, Graphical Changes

triforce141 - 4k UI Textures

Tools Used

SkythTools Cpk Packer/Unpacker - Skyth

Ishiiruka Dolphin - Ishiiruka, Dolphin Team


File Type: 7z

File Size: 178.35 MB

swagbob @ 2021-10-13 03:19:04

so ok. this is basically just a bunch of shit. like. terrible attempts at reshade. a jaggy looking sonic. and lots more. how the fuck was this even accepted.

Last modified by swagbob @ 2021-10-13 05:06:15

campbellsonic @ 2021-10-15 13:53:39

This looks pretty great, but... everything has a bit too much glow. Nothing nearly as bad as Colors Ultimate but it's still odd looking. Also, I keep getting frame drops, even in low graphics mode, and I have a pretty powerful PC. It doesn't happen when emulating normal Sonic Colors on Dolphin either. Additionally, it would be nice if you could import the upscaled cutscenes from Ultimate so they don't look so awful, though I don't know the limitations so maybe that's not possible. Overall though, nice work!