Sonitroid (Prototype)

By Scrap Sorra

A recent binge of almost every 2D Metroid game and pure boredom resulted in me creating this hack. It's basically just a proof of concept at the moment, I do plan on recreating the entire NES Metroid map in the style of Sonic eventually but I have a few other projects I'm working on, and if I ever learn how to work with Sonic 1's bosses I'd include Ridley, Kraid, and Mother Brain.

Player's Guide:

Your goal is to get to the switch at the entrance to Tourian, and to do that you need to scour the map for powerups.

Only Brinstar, Kraid's lair, and Tourian can be explored in this build, but I do plan to have other areas in future releases.


Morph Ball - Allows Sonic to roll by pressing the down button.

Spindash - Allows Sonic to spindash by holding down and pressing jump.

Speed Booster - Lets Sonic use the Peelout by holding up and pressing jump. Doesn't yet grant invincibility.

Energy Tank - Gives 10 rings. (I don't have the skills to overhaul the health system to be more like Metroid)

Spring Ball - Increases Sonic's jump height (doesn't work underwater yet).

Varia - Grants sonic immunity from lava. (Doesn't function properly when sonic takes damage so you won't lose rings when being hit)

Gravity - Makes Sonic immune from water physics (jump height is not affected at the moment) and lava.


Collision is janky because of the NES metroid art. Future releases will have this fixed by having new art.

Upon getting a game over, Sonic's powerups don't reset.

  • Yami - After-image object
  • TheInvisibleSun - Coding, Music
  • Metroid (NES) - Graphics

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1.01 MB

EddyTF & Proletant Team @ 2022-10-10 07:33:49

Nice Hack!