CD Style Characters

By RetroForever

This mod is a complete, comprehensive overhaul of Sonic's sprites to embrace the changes in style some CD sprites had, with the Special Stage sprites, some of Ohshima's artwork, and the game's very own Sonic sprites being the main inspirations, and it includes Amy Rose plus Metal Sonic too!

Sonic recieved a lot of changes, tweaking his appearance to tweak oddities, adapt shading, and other details to match CD's artstyle nicely.

Sonic Changes List:

  • "Yamaguchi" pallete instead of Sonic 1 pallete, for a better fit with CD's graphics
  • Reshade to his belly, hands, arms, and "socks" in all sprites to match the style of the Special Stage sprites
  • Heavily tweaked Sonic fur shading and shaping to match Special Stage sprites
  • General fixes for oddities, errors (with a few of them being pulled from Sonic Clackers for animations such as the walk), and leftovers from Sonic's sprites from the Sonic 1 Tokyo Toy Show 1990 AutoDemo

Amy recieved the same general changes Sonic did, with a literal facelift, and added details from Naoto Ohshima's concepts.

Amy Changes List:

  • Proper sleeves for the shirt, and a white neck for he shirt as in the artwork
  • Blue shoes instead of pink shoes, true to the finalized design
  • Much more similar face type to Sonic, with small inspiration on her artwork from the 510 prototype
  • General fixes for oddities and errors

The same applies to Metal Sonic, recieved missing details from artwork, and general fixes!

Metal Sonic Changes List:

  • Silver cilinders as a connection points for the shoes, as in the artwork
  • Red eyes, true to the finalized design
  • Color usage changes for yellow areas, using tan instead of gray for better contrast
  • General fixes for oddities and errors

Have fun, and enjoy!

Please note this mod is not compatible with "Sonic CD Restored", or "Sonic CD And Knuckles", and other mods of the same nature.

Also note this mod was made specifically for the decompilations, usage with the Steam release is untested and not recommended.

  • RetroForever: Mod Creator - Art Director
  • Xanman: Artist - Thumbnail Creator
  • KarlEmerald: Coding - Amy Rose
  • Algodon/Aprkot: Art Suggestions
  • Louplayer: Art Suggestions
  • TheMushrunt/Flora: Art Suggestions
  • Cyberdream: Tester
  • Tomasz*Tomciok*Przybysz: Tester

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Xanman @ 2022-10-11 06:31:49

pretty mid

ThunderLion @ 2022-10-12 14:43:37

based mod ngl. kind of like a "what if" where the sprites were remade and not lazily ported for the most part.