Bounce Attack+

By Lady_Lunanova

This mod for Generations allows Sonic to bounce around like the pinball he is.

By default this replaces Modern Sonic's stomp with the bounce attack, and gives Classic Sonic that same ability.

The + in the name references the customizability of it, from changing how powerful it is, to what sound it plays, how it looks, the behaviour for your button press or even disable it entirely.

The settings are even split between Modern and Classic Sonic, so you can make them feel entirely differently from eachother.

  • Lady Lunanova: Main coding, file managing.
  • Skyth: Blue Blur library.
  • Brianuuu: Glitter/Blue Trail coding.
  • Ahremic: Help coding.

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File Size: 107.36 KB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)