Trans Fem Sonic (Gameplay Demo) V1.5

By Lady_Lunanova

This mod depicts Sonic after transitioning into a girl.This gameplay demo replaces modern Sonic with her feminine self during gameplay, with all-new voice actress ShinyUmbreon more than doubling the amount of gameplay grunts! and much, much more...Key Features:

  • Idle Chatter: While idling, Sonic will now comment on her surroundings with both new and old stage-specific voicelines!
  • Rank Quotes: Sonic will now comment on the rank she gets at the end of a stage. (Optional "Trans Rights only" setting in HMM's configuration.)
  • Boss Start Taunts: Sonic will taunt each Boss/Rival when the battle starts.
  • Boss Finisher Taunts: Sonic will taunt each Boss/Rival after defeating them.
  • Super Transformation Yell: Sonic now yells out when transforming into Super Sonic.
  • Restored Quickstep grunts: Adds back the grunts Sonic makes while quickstepping.
  • Trick Finisher voicelines: Sonic now celebrates the success of a trick finisher.
  • Enemy Combo voicelines: Sonic now chuckles when defeating enemies quickly after eachother.
  • Checkpoint voicelines: Sonic chuckles when going through checkpoints at a high speed.
  • Crisis City Tornado voiceline: "That tornado's carrying a car!"
  • Foot Tapping SFX: Adds foot tapping to sonic's idle animations.

Configurable Options:

  • All the voiceline features above can be toggled on or off.
  • Animation Style: Use default Generations animations or Unleashed animations.
  • Cool Edge Vehicle: Use a bobsleigh or snowboard in Unleashed Project's Cool Edge.
  • Particle Lights: Makes certain particles emit light.
  • Blue Trail Flags: Allows you to choose a pride flag to replace the blue trail.

Idle Chatter adds custom voicelines for all of Modern Sonic's stages in Generations, as well as a few for the Unleashed Project.Many other stage mods are also supported, but use generic waiting voicelines instead.Cutscene Dialogue is not included in this Gameplay Demo

  • Lady Lunanova: Modelling/Material/Texture work, coding, sound management.
  • ShinyUmbreon: Voice Actress.
  • Mario Tainaka: Rebalancing audio levels.
  • TwilightZoney: Original Unleashed Sonic mod.

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 195.45 MB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)