Episode Blaze - Reimagined Mini-DLC

By Starlight

Sonic Unleashed - Episode Blaze is a Mini-DLC with addon content tied into Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined that explores a few levels as Blaze. Future episodes are set to dive deeper into story elements, this however is the initial test and execution of the idea.

In this mod you can play as Blaze & explore her levels in:

  • Dragon Dusk Act 1 & 2
  • Dragon Road Act 1 & 2 (This is future addon content by -[DEXTERITY]- set to release soon / be released by now, once the addon is release the guide on how to install it will be on Redux's page)

This mod is an early sneak peak into Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined.

Sonic Unleashed: Redux (Dragon Road Night) Support is within this Episode as a test for "DLC for mods" & the addon is off site.

This mod is standalone & is not intended to be used with other mods.


Team Encore.

Optional Redux Download (Seperate & not part of this main experience).

Redux Team.




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