Definitive Frontiers HUD for Generations

By NextinHKRY

A Recreation of the Sonic Frontiers HUD for Sonic Generations!

Included in this mod are:

  • Circular Boost Bar that follows Sonic
  • Working Speedometer
  • Customizable Gear and Key Counters
  • Skills Cross
  • Customizable Ring Cap (doesn't affect gameplay)
  • Completely Custom HUD animations
  • Score Generations Support
  • Configuration to configure all of these features, including the Score Generations format
  • Custom Results Screen [NOTE: this crashes the game sometimes, I don't know why. It's disabled in the configuration by default.]
  • Custom Lock-on Cursor [NOTE: any mod that has a custom SonicActionCommon archive might override this, if it isn't showing, try putting the mod at the highest priority]

You can configure the mod with 3 main presets, "Default" which will allow you to customize the HUD as you please, "Open-Zone" which will enable all elements to get it to feel as close to the Open-Zone UI as possible, and "Cyberspace" which will mimic the Cyberspace HUD (credits to scottishshrek for making this one)

  • NextinHKRY - code, graphics, UI editing
  • scottishshrek - Cyberspace HUD
  • Skyth - boost bar position code


  • brianuuuSonic - "Boost Particles go to Sonic" code
  • HyperBE32 - "Disable Lap Time Display" code

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 4.46 MB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)