Klonoa The Cabbit in Sonic 1

By baraksha

as the name suggests, you can now play as Klonoa from The Klonoa series in Sonic 1, this is a hack that aims at trying to replicate everything in terms of mechanics, looks and sound, however this is still a very HEAVY work in progress so I only really worked on the mechanics so far, but I thought even in its current state it is good enough to at least get the idea across.

this is a thing I decided to make not necessarily because it is a good idea, but honestly?, I just felt like working on a rom hack again and I was in a big Klonoa mood after Phantasy Reverie Series was announced so I wondered on weather I can just...put Klonoa in Sonic 1 for fun. And not just replace sprites but also see how far I can go in terms of attempting to replicate Klonoa's Gameplay and feel at the best of my ...honestly kind of limited knowledge and free time. either way this was a very interesting learning experience for me personally and i'm proud at what I was able to accomplish here. so if you somehow still enjoy this despite the flaws. Its appreciated.


I tried my best to make Klonoa Controls pretty close to how he does in his games so hopefully if you played Klonoa before you should already be comfortable with how he plays.

  • D-pad Left and Right for left and right movement (ofcourse)
  • D-pad Up and Down for Looking Forward and Backwards (they are still just the look up and crouch functions, no real different functionality, but it looks cool)
  • A button for Jump/Float (jump height was kept the same as Sonic 1 to not make platforming unnecessarily harder, but its debatable for change)
  • C button for Wind Bullet/Throw Enemy(Klonoa's main form of attack. In the games it usually inflates enemies as you pick them up. I been thinking of adding that too if I could find the VRAM space for something like that. also I chose C button because I had to if I wanted to use Debug mode, i'll make not to change this to B button when this page releases).

How To Play

For those who never played a Klonoa game before and still decided to try this out let me explain. Klonoa's main ability is using his Wind Ring a special item that allows him to shoot a Wind Bullet. When they hit an enemy they inflate the enemies (at least in the actual Klonoa Games) and allows Klonoa to grab them. Once Klonoa grabs an enemy he has two options:

  • Throw Enemy Forward: can be performed by pressing the C button. Allows Klonoa to throw the enemy horizontally and aim and destroy other objects including other enemies, monitors and more.
  • Throw Enemy Downwards: can be performed by pressing the A button (jump) mid air. Allow Klonoa to throw the enemy downwards verticaly and allow Klonoa to perform a double jump. Very useful for reaching higher areas.

its also good to point out that a grabbed enemy can still harm other enemes even when you have not throw it, so you can just touch other enemies with your already grabbed enem to kill them, but be careful to not let them still touch Klonoa.

another thing to point out is Klonoa's ability to:

  • Float: holding the A button (Jump) midair after reaching the top of you jump Klonoa will make Klonoa flap his big ear allowing him to float in midair and sustain verticality for an extra 2 seconds. Useful for reaching barely far away platforms.

Known issues:

  • Small Sprites: A common reaction i get when I showcase this hack to others is that Klonoa's sprites are very small. That is because I use Klonoa's sprites from the Klonoa GBA Games (Klonoa: Empire Of Dreams & Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament) and believe me, I know this look weird, but there is not much I can do about it when this is literally the only available full sprite sheet I can find. The only way I could get a good looking Klonoa is if either I spent hours on making new sprite art when I already working on hard on the mechanics or hope someone else want to do it. I also already went very deep with the amount of work I did around the GBA sprites already, so changing them while NOT off the table if the situation changes, will be kind of hard since i'm gonna have to rework certain things.
  • Crashes: I really hope to god I can delete this paragraph before the contest starts, but I have a current issue where the game will just crash seemingly out of nowhere, and i'm sure i'm gonna get a lot of reports about this. I believe the main culprit atm has to do with the collision system. I had to do a lot of changes to it because the original game was only concerned with Collision between Sonic and other objects, but my hack required to add extra checks for other stuff like the Wind Bullet and the Grabbed Enemies and I believe the issue has to do with double collision, the game messes up when more then one of the main collidable objects collide with the same other object, but I didn't had the time to fully look in to it yet. I just hope I can at least fix this before release.
  • design and objects incompatibility: The hack atm does not contain level design modifications or enough compromises for sections that the new gameplay does not account for. in the future I am planing to make a few changes to make the game actually beatable with Klonoa. However as of me writing this, there might be areas in the game that might not work properly because of Klonoa's mechanics and their difference from Sonic as well as certain object that might not behave properly (Horizontal Springs don't work and the S pipe in GHZ blocks you, please attempt to take the upper route). I have not really discovered many of these instances and already fixed some, but i'm probably yet to discover more, so don't be surprised if you get stuck in some spot you can't get out of because you either can't go fast enough or you don't have a roll option.

Future Plans:

assuming i'll actually find the motivation to continue my work, I have a few thing planned for this in order to make this a little more polished:

  • Title Screen: right now the game still uses the original Sonic 1 title screen, I have not changed anything yet, but i'm planing on changing that, but Ialso want to see if I can push myself beyond just changing Sonic on the Emblem. I want to explore the possibility of have Klonoa's theme playing while also having Klonoa's letters fly in with the rhythm of the music just like in the actuall Klonoa games. I just hope i'm not being to ambitious, however I have a good idea of how that would work.
  • Sound Effects and voice lines: what is the point of playing Klonoa if I can't hear him say his iconic phantamonian lines like "WAHOO!" and "MANYA!" and "RAPIRIDU!". So I want to explore the possibility of adding these sound effects to the game using samples, because I seen other hacks do something similar.
  • Beatable Boss Fights: right now you cant really beat the bosses in the game since they are designed to work with Sonic's spin which Klonoa can't do, I am planing to make them work more with grabbed enemies, however that would mean I would also need to put enemies in the boss fight arena and make sure you wont run out of them, i'm planing to do this the way they usually do it in the Klonoa games by making enemies Endlessly respawnable in the boss arena.
  • Heart System: gonna replace the ring system with a 3 hearts hit system, this includes changing the UI and having visible hearts instead of the ring counter.
  • Gems: I been thinking of replacing rings with gems just like in other Klonoa games, but atm its just an idea, not sure if it would really work so I might just stick with Ring, but i'm putting this later down the line.
  • Level design: i'm planing to keep the level design mostly intact , however I might make certain changes due to the problem mentioned above regarding compatibility with Klonoa's gameplay. I am also considering adding an opportunity to have enemy chaning like in the actuall Klonoa game because those are really fun imo and maybe other challenges.

that's about all I have planed for now, but i'm planing to work on these after I am fully satisfied with Klonoa's mechanics which are still a little weird and need more work.

One Small Request:

idk how appropriate this is but, PLEASE play a Klonoa game! for real this series is a treasure that I can't help to adore and from my experience I am yet to find a person who played it the whole way through and said they hated it. Unfortunately it also suffered from low sales through out its life time so despite being critically acclaimed it is not as well known and these games were also a little hard to get because they remained mostly exclusive to their native platforms and copies on Ebay will cost you a leg due to its low sales. However thanks to the Klonoa Phantasy Ravarie Series that recently came out you play Klonoa 1 and 2 on all current platforms and remastered so thats cool. If you can play it through any other means thats fine too honestly. I just want more people to know this series exist.

  • Namco and Klonoa Works for making the sprites for the GBA games and the Klonoa series
  • Baraksha (Me) for doing most of the work inlcuding all the assembly.
  • Flex 2 and SonMapEd for being over all useful programs. (even if they are a little messy to work with sometimes)
  • MSpaint and Paint.Net for sprite editing.
  • VaDaPega and MarkeyJester for assisting me when I didn't know how to solve issues.

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baraksha @ 2022-10-05 13:46:33


> I was able to fix the crash bug.

> S pipes don't block you anymore

if only I got around doing this before the editing dead line :')

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bNRlLfSWH-AgVOLtSE-CjcNp4cBvwb6V/view?usp=sharing

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lu9-st @ 2022-10-17 23:54:07

A very impressive demo, even for a WIP, it does feel a lot like Klonoa. The small sprites don't bother me much. I do agree that a "wahoo" is kinda obligatory to have, but for what is currently mostly a tech demo, you probably already did the hardest part. I'd say the only things worth pointing out is the hitbox for the wind ring to affect enemies should be larger in general, often times you get hit by enemies trying to grab them.

lu9-st @ 2022-10-17 23:54:22

Would also be nice if when double jumping using held enemies, they are defeated upon hitting the ground. I think that's all.

Only Spring Yard Zone is unbeatable, by the way. There are means of getting around in every other level from what I tested, including bosses, though Labyrinth Zone can be very frustrating with the water slopes