Female Sonic

By kawaiikaorichan

This mod for SADX is a total rework of Sonic's models to make a female version of the character. The mod can be customized in a lot of ways: you can choose between Dreamcast or DX-style models, there are two outfits to choose from and even a third outfit option for Super Sonic; it also includes reworked animations for most actions. The mod is compatible with any other mod that doesn't edit Sonic's models or animations, also has a small easter egg when using it along Female Tails, other of my mods. It is fully voiced by the talented Robin Frost, and you even can choose in which quality you want to hear the new lines. For an optimal performance, this mod should be listed at last in the mod loader.

  • Modeler and mod creator: kawaiikaorichan
  • Voice and athletic-style art: Larissa Robin Frost
  • Dress-style art: Carlos Felipe Rojas
  • Portions of the code adapted from works from ItsEasyActually and Kell.

File Type: rom/7z

File Size: 47.76 MB

One-Click Install
SADX Mod Loader

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