Sonic 3 & Knuckles Experience

By SonicProductivity

Welcome to the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Experience!

This mod has been updated heavily from the original mod from 10 months ago at the time of writing this. But what is now you may ask?

Here are the main things that have been changed, the Insta-Shield and the Elemental Shields have been automatically enabled as soon as you turn this mod on, so nothing new there. But, as a bonus, the Super Peelout has been added and is usable by all characters! Sonic, Tails & Knuckles! Now the exciting thing is Hyper Sonic! The flashing palette, the speed, and the main thing, and the hyper dash!

Now, the small things. Sprite Changes, S3 Style Title Card, Act Finish screen changed to use an S3 style layout, Chaos Emeralds changed to Super Emeralds, Custom Super Music, and more! (for now)

But, there is more coming soon such as a settings menu!

Stay tuned but most importantly...



  • Mod Owner
  • SonicProductivity - Main Mod Maker
  • Scripters
  • SonicProductivity - Spriting Positions, Other Mini Things
  • Hydropper - Hyper Dash Script
  • Sprites/Art
  • SEGA and Sonic Team - Sonic 3&K Assets/Origins S3K Assets
  • Sonic 3 Complete Team - Some Super Sonic Sprites
  • Triangly and Paraemon - S3K Sprite Rippers
  • KolnzBerserK - Sonic 3 Logo Remaster on Menu
  • MattMayuga, Fred Bronze, GameMaster12, and more people - Act 3 Text (Title Card and Act Finish)
  • Music
  • SEGA and Sonic Team - Sonic 3&K Music
  • Special Thanks
  • REMS Server - For Helping

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