Sonic Adventure 2 Chaos Mod for Nintendo Gamecube

By evilartnboy

This mod was made so that SA2 could finally be played the way Sega originally envisioned it.Features currently include:

  • Character remodeling
  • A port of GBA64's goose over sonic mod for GC
  • Ui changes
  • A certain Snapcube DUB replacing all 3 stories.(Although due to the fact that I can only change the voice lines when the first character speaks in a scene some parts are left out.

This mod was made for the Gamecube version of SA2B so feel free to run it on original hardware.

I plan on editing the cutscenes and main menus to reflect the new models in the future.

Enjoy ;)


GBA64 goose over sonic mod basis for the report.


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ThunderLion @ 2022-10-12 14:48:19

Ah yes, this truly is... how sega intended it to be.