By Dreamcast Team

Sonic Remixed was a work-in-progress extensive modification of Sonic Mania. The project aimed to do a Modern face wash of the game in order to make a new 2D experience inspired by the Sonic Franchise in the early and mid-2000s. The mod consisted in the addition of new reimagined stages from the Sonic Adventure games, and originals conceptually based on the aforementioned branch of the series. (Early and mid 2000s), plus Modern skins for the playable characters (Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, with Mighty and Ray being replaced by Amy and Shadow respectively)

The project was definitely archived last month due to lack of interest to continue working on it, but we didn't wanted to leave without releasing what we achieved to complete, and that's the content of this mod, The Edge of Tomorrow demo.

As for now there are no plans no continue working on Remixed, but if the project eventually returns it will be with a completely different image, name and concept from the content presented in this demo.


  • Remixed Sonic with custom moveset
  • Shadow The Hedgehog (Over Ray) with custom moveset
  • Emerald Coast Acts 1 + 2 (Over GHZ)
  • Revamped UI and objects

SONIC - Controls:

  • Jump+Jump = Air Dash/Homing Attack
  • B Key = Slide
  • B key (While Sliding) = Insta-SpinDash
  • B Key (Mid-air) = Stomp
  • C Key (Near rings) = Light Dash

SHADOW - Controls:

Jump+Jump = Air Dash/Homing Attack

B Key = Drift-Dash (Doesn't damage enemies)

B key (While Drift Dash) = Insta-SpinDash

B Key (Mid-air) = T. Hover (Neutral)

B key + Up (Mid-air)= T.Hover (Upwards)

B key + Down (Mid-air)= Head-dive


  • Requiem Facility Act 1 (Incomplete, over Hidrocity Zone Act 1)
  • Final Rush Act 1 (From SHC 2020 demo, over Metallic Madness Act1)
  • Concept art from the project (Image format)


  • The other download contains extra content, the stages we managed to port to the game but never completed and some concept art in image format.
  • For the best experience, play FIRST the base mod alone and then play the extra zones, the extra levels do not represent the quality that we may want to show from our project
  • Emerald Coast glitches upon completion because the custscene assets are not modified, it was intentionally left that way so the player can continue with the vanilla zones of the game without an automatic quick to the menu, or play GHZ by removing/renaming the stages folder.


  • Sytian Ivanov (Sy)
  • The Vagabond


  • Codenamegamma


  • Cyber1204
  • The Vagabond
  • Star Warrior
  • JoltGanda (TheManiaac)
  • Codenamegamma


  • Sytian Ivanov (Sy)
  • Plus Veter
  • Snoc
  • Robert Banblack
  • IGJH


  • XGSOAP (Sonic artwork)
  • Tales499 (Logo - promotional art)
  • Yeiko_Art (Concept Art)
  • Kevin3904 (RQ level desing)


  • Hortinus & MotorRoach
  • Codenamegamma
  • Troopsushi
  • Bennascar
  • Puyo&SonicFAN
  • Sonic Spriting Discord Server


  1. Hortinus & MotorRoach (Original Modern Sonic mod & sprites)
  2. Mod.gen Project Team (Animation bases)
  3. Shinbaloomba (Character desing ideas)
  4. LJSTAR (Modern Sonic 3D Model)
  5. SuperSonic16 (SuperSprites.dll mod)
  6. MarkeyJester (Final Rush background)

Featured Music (Copyright free)

  1. Defences - What You Need
  2. The Bad - Nobody

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Extra Zones (Play after trying the base mod)
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Mario9919 @ 2022-10-14 18:47:56

This mod looks like a lot of love was put into it. The Sonic and Shadow sprites look amazing. I would love to see this be continued.

MirkoSpi @ 2022-11-13 12:54:03

I would like to try to play this version ... but what should I do? What program on the pc should I open this file with? I have windows 11 ...