Sonic Maxidrive (SHC 2022 Demo)

By Speems

Furious after several attempts to anihlate the blue hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) was hard at work struggling to come up with a new plan. After a little while, he finally came up with an idea. An elaborate machine labled the Maxidrive was created, and it was capable of massive amounts of devasting destruction. It was no secret on what the first target was: South Island. The first blast was successful as Green Hill was absolutely devasted and mostly devoid of life. Sonic returned just minutes after the energy blast, and he was quick to notice what happened. Despite the successful use of the Maxidrive, Dr. Robotnik knew if he wanted to annihilate the rest of Sonic's home, he would need the Chaos Emeralds. Loads of badniks were sent out to stop anyone who dared to try and obtain the multi-colored gemstones. However, those badniks weren't counting on the fact that Sonic is already out to find the emeralds and turn badniks' heads everywhere. Go, Sonic! Retrieve the lost Chaos Emeralds, restore peace to the lands you explore, and take down that nefarious doctor's schemes!

This is a demo build for SHC 2022, and it has changed quite a bit since last year. It contains the first two completed zones (Rust Hill and Sunken Ship), alongside full access to Special Stages.

Do not use the most recent stable BlastEm build, as 0.6.2 (or 0.6.3 if you can find it) is prone to freeze at Sunken Ship when loading in with water at any on-screen position during fades. Please use the most recent nightly build for full satisfaction, as it doesn't occur there and is simply an obscure emulator quirk. The bug also doesn't occur on real hardware.



  • Speems - Main Developer, Tester, BVM Monitor Sprites
  • Giovanni - Level Layouts, Additional Touches


  • MainMemory - SonLVL, SonPLN
  • Selbi - Jump Dash, S2 Level Select Fix for Hardware
  • ValleyBell - MID2SMPS, SMPS
  • ConvSnkenjoi - Flex 2
  • Xenowhirl - SonMapEd
  • Lightning, Puto, Shobiz, Mercury - Spin Dash
  • FraGag - Fixed Demo Playback, Spike Bug Fix
  • 1337Rooster - Hidden Points Fix
  • Quickman - Fixed HUD Blinking
  • MarkeyJester - Improved Fade Routines, Remember Sprite Fix
  • Tweaker and Puto - Removed Speed Cap (Ground and Air)
  • Nineko - Eggman Monitor, MIDI Event Editor
  • SoullessSentinel - Expanded Music Slots
  • Clownacy, MarkeyJester - Song Restoration Fixes
  • Mercury - Improved Special Stage Jump Physics
  • Vladikcomper - Mega PCM, Water Skimming, Improved Level Transitions, Advanced Error Handler
  • jman2050 - Sonic 1 Sound Compressor, REV01 Background Effects
  • JcFerggy - Alternative Title Screen (Sort of)
  • ADudeCalledLeo, Kilo - Debug Mode Fixes, Slow Ducking (Based on TheFieldWarrior's version)
  • DeltaWooloo - 1-Ups through Points, Sonic 1 Prototype Sega Screen, Sonic 2 Special Stage Entry
  • Kilo - Centered Title Screen, Restored "Fist-Pump" Victory Animation
  • redhotsonic, Luigi Hero - Improved ObjectMove Subroutines, Fixed Drowning Bugs, Scattered Rings Underwater Physics, Ring Timers and Flash
  • PsychoSk8r, Esrael - Sonic 2 Level Select
  • Inferno - Air Roll
  • Cinossu, Mercury - Walk-Jump Bug Fix, Smoother Special Stages
  • ProjectFM - Sonic 2 Splash and Skid Dust Effects, Mid2SMPS Loop Advice
  • Crash - PAL Music Optimization
  • Gardeguey - Demo Recording
  • Shadow Fire - Disable Sonic 1 Debug Code
  • Paranoimia (with Mercury's permission) - Sonic CD HUD Centiseconds
  • Sonic master - Speed Shoes Music
  • Bregalad - GBA Mus Riper
  • ValleyBell, AURORA*FIELDS - 68K SMPS Type 1B Driver Fixes
  • Mistergambit - Roller/Catakiller SYZ PLC FixAURORA*FIELDS - Optimized Title Card Art (Uncompressed)
  • Beta Filter - Optimized Green Hill PLC's
  • TheInvisibleSun - Manual Special Stage Rotation
  • SpirituInsanum - Optimized Collapsing Platforms


  • - Various MIDI Files
  • Void the Bat, Kris, GameJoshX9, WizToad and etc. - Expanded Sonic 2 Sprites
  • Jubbalub - Sylvania Castle Act 1 SMPS for Sunken Ship, SRB2 Game Over SMPS
  • Gamma V - Sonic 2 SMS Boss SMPS for Sunken Ship Boss
  • Dolphman - Sonic 8-Bit/Flickies' Island/Adventure/Forces/Colors/Generations/Unused S2/Mean Bean Machine Badniks, Chaos Emeralds, Animals, GHZ Platform
  • ValleyBell - SMPS Research Pack (DAC samples, SMPS files to convert)
  • GitHub and others - Sonic disassemblies with various pieces that lent its way here
  • LuigiXHero - Sonic CD Art Test (Peel-Out Release and Skidding SFX Port), S1 Legends (Thok Sound for Jump Dash PCM)
  • Rosabelle - S1 Styled Sprites for Sonic
  • Deno - Roll Sprite
  • Devy - Copyhog Mania Font (Press Start), S1-ified Mania Sprites for Sonic
  • Sega, Sonic Team - Sonic assets in general (Wood Zone [Sonic 2 Beta], Ice Cap [Sonic 3&K])
  • Bouncy Glow - Egg Dragoon MIDI for Funky Circus Boss
  • Paranoimia (with Mercury's permission) - Sonic CD HUD Centiseconds
  • Technodevster - Sonic 3&K SFX Ports, Title Card Oval
  • Techokami - Title Card Font
  • thecrushedjoycon - Spin Dash Sprites
  • Napstick - Sonic Movie 2 Eggmobile Sprites
  • Cancer Edition - S3 Style Triple Trouble Signpost (S1-ified by Speems)
  • CartoonAnimate22 - Sound Test Mugshot
  • Tom Payne - Hornet Sprites
  • Nineko - Sonic 2 GG Boss SMPS for Indigo Street Boss
  • Vic Tokai/Data East - Socket/High Seas Havoc Tilesets (respectively)
  • Dv2 - Casino Forest DMF/VGM


What's In The Demo

  • Sonic Advance - Title Screen
  • Sonic Blast - Red Volcano (Rust Hill)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 - Sylvania Castle (Sunken Ship)
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Invincibility
  • Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist - BGM08 (Special Stage)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Act Clear (Special Stage Results, Remixed)
  • Sonic Adventure - Power Sneakers
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Chaos Emerald, Act Clear
  • Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [Mega Drive] - August 21st Boss Theme (Rust Hill Boss)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [8-Bit] - SMS Boss (Sunken Ship Boss)
  • Sonic Robo Blast 2 [Pre 2.2] - Game Over, Continue Screen
  • Trouble Shooter/Battle Mania - Sega Screen

What's Not In The Demo

  • Sonic Forces - Casino Forest (Indigo Street), Chemical Flow (Omega Factory), Egg Dragoon (Funky Circus Boss)
  • Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [Saturn] - Diamond Dust Act 1 (Frost Palace), Final Boss (Mega Egg)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Prototype Carnival Night Act 1 (Funky Circus), Prototype Unused Song, Prototype Credits
  • Sonic Adventure - Unused Jingle (Unused Music Slot 88)
  • Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist - BGM05 (Frost Palace Boss)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [8-Bit] - Game Over (Bad Ending Jingle), GG Boss (Indigo Street Boss)
  • GO-NET - Final Boss Transition
  • Sonic 2 Cabaret - Club Scene (Unused Music Slot 8B)
  • Banjo-Kazooie - Unused Advent Track (Level Select)

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EddyTF @ 2022-10-10 07:30:48

Just awesome! Again, the best that is at the Expo this year. Author, I liked it

dilworks @ 2022-10-13 16:32:10

Sunken Ship is... something, yeah.

Compared to last year Expo entry, this one has improved a lot, although I didn't liked the music choice for Rust Hil.

Want to see this one next year, hopefully on the main Contest!