Jesus Custom Levels (v1.2.1)

By Jesus_PK

1. Introduction:

Hello everyone! This here is my first mod for SADX (and my first mod ever pretty much), it's basically a collection of custom layouts that have been made from the base level geometry. These have been created by moving, mixing, duplicating and deleting different pieces of the base level geometry alongside a custom SET file for each of them.

The main intention of this mod is to provide a familiar, yet fresher experience on the well-known locations and levels of SADX with something more than just a custom SET file. I tried my best at making each act feel and play unique enough compared to their base form but keep in mind that due to different limitations (like how the OG geometry was made), some acts may have less changes than others. Basically you could consider this mod some sort of "Encore" or "Master Quest" mode.

Since this is still a quite recent project and I'm learning the ropes, at this current moment only Emerald Coast has been fully edited for both Sonic and Gamma, but since this level is practically done I decided to share the latest version of the mod (v1.2.1) in the SHC Expo. Keep in mind that the only difference with this SHC22 version of the mod is that it had the auto-update information removed, so if you want to get the normal version and future updates you can find them on my GameBanana page.

2. Features:

- Emerald Coast:

  • Custom geometry and SET file layout for Sonic and Gamma.
  • Longer Act 1 for Gamma with platforming-focused sections, you will need the Jet Booster to complete his stage!
  • Removal of most invisible walls to allow a more creative and free gameplay experience.
  • For the ring hunters, Sonic's layout offers a total of 1.000 rings to get and Gamma's layout offers a total of 443 rings to get in his stage. For Sonic in particular there are two hidden chairs on the level each containing a ring, be sure to find them!

3. Important Notes / Compatibility Notes:

  • For a smoother experience, the edited stages of this mod will force the Free Camera option instead of the Auto Camera when played, this is because it's the intended camera mode for these stages due to lack of CAM item layouts (NOTE: This hack won't affect stages that haven't been edited by this mod).
  • Before playing, please remember to disable other stage mods that edit the same stage as this mod (in this case, Emerald Coast).
  • For better compatibility in general, it's recommended to place this mod on the bottom of your Mod Loader list.

Hope you enjoy it!

  • Key author: Jesus_PK
  • Special Thanks: Sora, ItsEasyActually (they helped me a lot in understanding the coding stuff) and the people at X-Hax.

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AortaPlatinum @ 2022-10-10 17:04:24

I am... confused. When I start as either Sonic or Gamma, it drops me on that second island, the one with the pier that usually has the springy yellow ropes that keep you on the platform, but there aren't any objects. I can brute force my way over to the island with the lighthouse, but there's nothing there either. The only mod I have enabled that could possibly be doing this is the Dreamcast Conversion with Emerald Coast disabled, but even when I disable the Dreamcast Conversion, I get the same result.

Jesus_PK @ 2022-10-11 06:44:41

Hi! As long as Emerald Coast is disabled in Dreamcast Conversion this mod will work fine, so that isn't causing the conflict. If you happen to have SADX: Fixed Edition installed or Beta Restores, please make sure that you are loading my mod under them (For example FE does slight SET File changes so it will override my mod if loaded with higher priority than mine)

Last modified by Jesus_PK @ 2022-10-11 16:10:19

Jesus_PK @ 2022-10-11 06:45:02

(Continuation due character limit) Basically place my mod on the bottom of the list to evade any compatibility issues.

If the comment above wasn't the mod conflict, please send me your mod list so I can give you further assistance. You can also contact me on my GameBanana page listed in the mod description.

Last modified by Jesus_PK @ 2022-10-11 06:48:05