Sonic 06 - Amy Rose Improvement Mod EX by Rei-san and OtterWithAController

By OtterWithAController

After a long time of dealing with Amy as either the worst character in 06, or as a Sonic clone, it's now finally time for her to shine! Thanks to the incredible programming work by Rei-san and lua editing and custom animations from myself (based on those awesome ones Chara made me for the original Amy Rose Improvement Mod), Amy's finally what she's always meant to be!

Instead of being based on Sonic like my previous Amy Improvement Mod, she instead uses a heavily edited version of her own moveset.

  • Press the X button on the ground to do a Hammer Attack. It'll stop your movement, but has a MUCH larger radius than the original hammer attack.
  • Press and hold the X button on the ground to do a Spin Hammer Attack. As long as you hold the X button and don't get hit, Amy is a killing machine! It'll also keep any previous momentum and speed you had. This lasts until you release the X button.
  • Press the A button in the air to do a Double Jump. This time, it won't kill your momentum while doing it, meaning Amy can cross large gaps with relative ease! You can use the Jump Attack after doing a Double Jump!
  • Press the X button in the air to do a Jump Attack! This attack is similar to her jump attack in Adventure and Advance. Hold the X button to do multiple Jump Attacks in a row! Press and hold the X button a second time in the air to start the Spin Hammer Attack, which will continue once you land. Be careful, because Amy holds her momentum and direction while in her Jump Attack, but can correct it with her aerial Spin Hammer.

Other changes include an Adventure/Advance-style fast running animation (sadly, no way to make her hold her hammer during it), particle fixes, and general movement improvements based on those used in Legacy of Solaris, which this mod is fully compatible with!

This mod is still in development, so keep an eye on the Amy Rose Improvement Mod GameBanana page for updates on it after the Expo is over!!!

Make sure to load this mod AFTER Legacy of Solaris, or any other mod that affects Amy! Amy's hints in her Dusty Desert and Kingdom Valley don't match up because they're intended for the version of Amy included in LoS, based on the original Amy Rose Improvement Mod.

  • Rei-san - Pretty much all the code work to make this happen!!! (
  • FenTheOtter/OtterWithAController - AKA me! I did a lot of the lua editing and animations. (
  • Chara - Particle help, animation help, general help!
  • Knuxfan24 - Animation retargeting tool
  • JotaroPowered and Hyper - General help!

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File Size: 4.64 MB