Sonic.EXE Mania Abyss

By haloarbiter117

Sonic.EXE Mania Abyss is a Sprite overhaul of Sonic Mania. There can always be some sprite issues that might been overlooked/missed/forgot to fix.What this mod does:

  • New sprites for Sonic
  • New sprites for Super Sonic
  • New sprites Knuckles
  • New sprites Tails
  • New sprites Mighty
  • New sprites Ray
  • Tails dolls instead of Metal Sonic
  • Modern Sonic joining Robotnik's side
  • Abyss Mode
  • Complete music overhaul including a completely seperate soundtrack for Abyss mode
  • New sound effects for the player, UI and more
  • No animals (They're completly gone)
  • New Endings (Sonic's True Ending is old and bad, you been warned)

Now for the stuff that I sadly have to report on that is broken; I have tried together with a friend to try find out what the issue is but haven't been able to do so for this mod specifically. I have to request to refrain from doing these 2 things.

  1. Abyss Mode/Encore crashes uppon beating the final boss and having all the Chaos Emeralds
  2. Sonic CD ability breaks Sonic's sprites. No idea why this even happens to begin with. This also means that using the Enable Max Control cheat will break sonic's sprites.

I hope my work can be enjoyed for what it is.

  • PotterandMatrixfan For sprite work on Modern Sonic and Tails Doll + General help

Music Credit Goes to:

  • Shoji Meguro
  • Masafumi Takada
  • Martin O'Donnell
  • GenesisKeys
  • Tomoko Morita
  • Ridiculon
  • Motoi Sakuraba
  • Mudeth

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 1.17 GB

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