Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition

By E-122-Psi

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition is a character swap hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive, with Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit replacing Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails respectively.


Amy Rose

Amy's abilities mirror those she utilized in the Sonic Advance series. She can't roll into a ball or use spin attacks; however, she has a number of abilities (mostly using her Piko Piko Hammer) to gain manoeuvrability and access areas Sonic had difficulty reaching:

  • Hammer Attack: Press A and Amy swings her hammer, damaging enemies. In addition, Amy can use her hammer to smash through obstacles such as walls and rocks, and hit springs for higher propulsion.
  • Hammer Jump: Press Down and A on the ground and Amy smashes the hammer into the ground, launching her into the air.
  • Hammer Whirl: Press Down and A in the air and Amy swirls down toward the ground. If an enemy is hit Amy will bounce up again.
  • Upward Dash: Hold Up and B/C while on the ground and Amy will rev her feet on the spot as opposed to a spin dash. Let go of Up to charge full throttle in the facing direction. Be careful though, Amy is vulnerable to blockading obstacles and enemies.
  • Giant Steps: Hold Down and B/C while on the ground and Amy will take a giant step forward as opposed to a spin dash. This can be repeated so long as there is room. This move is good for getting up steep slopes; she can even get up slopes the others can't spin dash up!
  • Head Slide Attack: Press A during a Giant Step and Amy will slide forward, damaging enemies in her path.

Cream the Rabbit

Much like Amy, Cream's abilities mimic those in the Advance series. Cream is constantly aided by her pet Chao, Cheese, who can attack enemies on command. If you play as Amy or Big with Cream as your aid, they can also command Cheese:

  • Spin Dash: Hold Down and B/C while on the ground and Cream will rev up in ball form to perform a spin dash. Let go of to go full throttle in the facing direction.
  • Fly: Press B/C after jumping and Cream will begin fly. She will gain height by tapping A again repeatedly, using the D-pad to control what direction Cream is going. Cream cannot fly underwater.
  • Cheese Attack: Press A for Cheese to home in and attack a nearby enemy.

Big the Cat

An old ally of Team Rose has joined in the quest to stop Eggman. He's also looking for Froggy, who is hidden in each level (besides Death Egg Zone): Big is slower and heavier but can float on water and use his bulk to break through certain baricades.

  • Lure Attack: Hold A to rev back and let go to cast.
  • Body Slam: Hold Down and press B/C while jumping to slam into the ground and enemies below. Body slam to break obstacles such as walls and rocks, and hit springs for higher propulsion.
  • Float: Big will automatically float in water. Hold Down to sink.
  • Upward Dash: Hold Down and B/C while on the ground and Big will rev his feet on the spot as opposed to a spin dash. Let go of Down to charge full throttle in the facing direction.

Updates from Last Year:

  • A third hidden level, Sand Shower Zone, has been added (keep to the highest possible path in Aquatic Ruin Act 1).
  • Alternatively just be a big fat cheater and reach them on the updated level select (19, 65, 09, 17 and then hold A and Start at the title screen).
  • Sand Shower is also available in VS mode (replaces Mystic Cave currently, will edit the menu to have all six levels in a later revision).
  • Wood Zone given an overhaul to fix up some graphical and gameplay bugs.
  • New monitors; slow sneakers and pogo spring, are now found throughout Easy and Hard mode and the hidden levels.
  • Several cosmetic upgrades.


  • Act Clear causes some graphical glitches from catching Froggy in certain levels.
  • Special Stage results sometimes glitch if the player hits bombs.
  • Some occasional collision issues and lag in the secret levels.
  • Big And Cream mode has occasional graphical bugs.


Low on content this year, so submitted this release to the Expo. Will hopefully have a much bigger update for next year's contest.



  • Main project by E-122-Psi, with additional programming and coding by other members including MarkeyJester, MainMemory, FraGag, Selbi, and Hayate.
  • Cream the Rabbit and Cheese's gameplay was implemented by flamewing.
  • Big the Cat's gameplay was co-implemented by Hitaxas.
  • New sprite work was done by E-122-Psi and ChelseaCatGirl.
  • 2 Player VS Mode expansions were co-implemented by Cinossu, Ralakimus, MoDule and D.A. Garden.
  • New secret paths and assets created with the help of CampbellSonic, Hitaxas, MainMemory, Iso Kilo and many others.
  • Difficulty modes implemented with the help of SophieDude.
  • SEGA screen modified with the help of DeltaWooloo and RandomName.
  • Level select modified with the help of Hitaxas and DeltaWooloo.
  • Extra sound effects added with the help of DeltaWooloo.
  • Cinossu, Hivebrain and Faceless Fox for helping program the new monitors.
  • DA Garden for bug testing and fixing the new level layouts.
  • Stealth, Dolphman, Zeta_Null and of course, Brenda Ross, for art reference for hidden levels.

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File Size: 2 MB