Sonic 1: Unfinished Example Remade [SHC22 Expo Demo]

By DarkShamilKhan

Sonic 1: Unfinished Example Remade is a modification of the original Sonic The Hedgehog 1991 for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. This hack's aim goal is and was on How a normal Sonic 1 Hack is made by a beginner basically. This hack started off early April this year. And this should also be renamed as the Third Release of Sonic Unfinished Example. This release changes some of the badnik placement and new zones being done from scratch [that being Green Hill 3, Marble 1 and Star Light 1 as of now]. Some ASM changes were made as well to make the game feel fresh. The following things have been added in this ROM Hack that are listed below.

Changes and Features Added

The following changes have been made to this ROM Hack

  • A playable Marble Act 1 and Star Light 1.
  • New Palettes for Green Hill and Marble [except for star light].
  • Names of course changed[except for star light].
  • New but familiar songs added for each zone as well as the boss.
  • PCM Samples for Sonic when getting hurt or getting the 1Up monitor.
  • Entirely New Level Layouts for all zones being lengthy [for width and height wise].
  • New but yet harder GHZ boss.
  • ASM Tweaks.
  • Skip the Time Bonus (not the special stage) by pressing A,B,C when the bonuses start counting down. Which will instantly clear the bonus(!).

Added Moves For Sonic

The following moves are added for Sonic and here is how to use them.

  • Spindash, press down and press A,B and/or C to do the spindash
  • JumpDash, which can be done by pressing the Button B only.
  • Double Jump, which can be done by pressing the Button A only.
  • Air Roll, whilst in air (and not in rolling) you can press Any of the A,B or C button to instantly be in the roll.

A little fun fact for random reasons, This hack was once called Sonic 1 but with different level design. But I thought it wasn't a good name for a hack so yeah it's changed to this now.


There a little bug I found in Star Light when I was making this. At random points the game would despawn the rings, monitors or even some enemies, they randomly despawn and going back there again would spawn them back. No idea how and why that occurs. Maybe in the Future I may fix that.

  • Joshwoakes for the general help in coding, As well as giving me few tips and advice on Level Design. The HUD code and PCM Drum Samples. As well as for Beta Testing.
  • D.A Garden for helping me with the level design structure and object placements at places.
  • Athlon for beta testing and general chunk placement advice.
  • MegaPCM by Vladikcomper.
  • The Github disassembly.
  • SonLVL by MainMemory
  • S1SSE in the SonLVL Updater by MainMemory
  • Few Songs authors that I got from YT are JX, JohnTay, and one song I got from deflemask directory.
  • The Free Assets thread in SSRG, like the Palette, few extra things, Star Dust Speedway Past JP.
  • The Tutorial on SSRG and Sonic Retro that helped me made this ROM Hack
  • The SSRG Discord Server
  • Ma brain =V
  • EddyTF for helping me with some stuff with general coding.
  • And Few others that I can't get it at the top of my head, but you guys are remembered.

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EddyTF @ 2022-10-10 07:26:20

I support a friend! The hack is not very perfect, but still. And again I see my name on the Contest. I am very happy to help you with this. In fact, the hack has really risen during this time, after being exhibited at the Expo. The author is working hard on it and maybe next year, he will show you his hack here again, but not at the Expo, but already at the Contest. And we will help him in this. Good luck, bro!

DarkShamilKhan @ 2022-10-10 10:31:09

Why thank you Eddy, I appreciate it. Well it wasn't meant to be perfect, because nothing is perfect in my eyes. I have a slightly updated version of the hack which has new music and a wip level but I don't know when will that be released publicly. Also I don't have any thoughts to be in the contest next year.

Gufighter @ 2022-10-11 11:27:35

game freezes before starting first act on real hardware

DarkShamilKhan @ 2022-10-11 13:13:39

Oh... Yeah I know what you mean.. apparently it crashes due to missing PSG3 or an invalid psg noise/pointer. Maybe in a next update that will be fixed or replaced.

dilworks @ 2022-10-13 14:56:21

Also crashes on BlastEm: Machine freeze due to unmapped read from BA02F4

DarkShamilKhan @ 2022-10-14 14:45:22

Oh... So the song itself is buggy. I'll fix that

EddyTF @ 2022-10-16 03:37:54

Yes, I admit, the hack does not work on real hardware, alas:(