Sonic Maxidrive (2023 Demo)

By Speems

Furious after several attempts to anihlate the blue hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman) was hard at work struggling to come up with a new plan. After a little while, he finally came up with an idea. An elaborate machine labled the Maxidrive was created, and it was capable of massive amounts of devasting destruction. It was no secret on what the first target was: South Island. The first blast was successful as Green Hill was absolutely devasted and mostly devoid of life. Sonic returned just minutes after the energy blast, and he was quick to notice what happened. Despite the successful use of the Maxidrive, Dr. Robotnik knew if he wanted to annihilate the rest of Sonic's home, he would need the Chaos Emeralds. Loads of badniks were sent out to stop anyone who dared to try and obtain the multi-colored gemstones. However, those badniks weren't counting on the fact that Sonic is already out to find the emeralds and turn badniks' heads everywhere. Go, Sonic! Retrieve the lost Chaos Emeralds, restore peace to the lands you explore, and take down that nefarious doctor's schemes!

This demo contains Rust Hill, Sunken Ship, Frost Palace, Chaotic Fair, and Indigo Street. It also contains full access to Special Stages and Super Sonic can be unlocked after all seven emeralds are collected. After collecting the emeralds, just grab fifty rings and press the A button mid-jump.

This hack was tested with Kega Fusion, Regen, Gens, BlastEm, Genesis Plus GX (Wii U/Switch/PC/Steam Deck), Picodrive (3DS), the Mega Everdrive X5/Pro (Genesis Model 2), and the ATGames Portable Genesis with Neto Bootloader with consistent positive results. As such, this game should run fine on real hardware and any emulator.

  • Speems - Project Leader, Playtester, BVM Monitor and Icon Sprites, Retouched Unused SM64 Font, Level Layouts
  • Giovanni - SSZ Level Layouts, Drop Dash, Playtester, Additional Code
  • Filter - ASM Revisions/Optimizations
  • DeltaWooloo - Super Sonic, HUD Sliding/Sonic 2 Invincibility Stars (Another South Island Adventure Source Code)
  • DarkShamillKhan - Playtester, Additional Code
  • Team Forever - Sonic Sprites (Gameplay and Title)
  • Louplayer - Ohshima Eggman
  • DaxKatter - Full Size Lives Counter
  • A shit-ton of SSRG/Sonic Retro/MDDC/misc users & sites - Online Guides and Resources

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dilworks @ 2023-10-24 16:59:42

I would like to see this hack the next SHC... on the Contest.

Quite a few random glitches at times (from ground turning into garbage to missing digits on the score), and the Sunken Ship layouts could use some improvement (too much backtracking while running out of air!), but I've been following this hack since its first Expo entry in 2021, and I can definitely see the potential for something worthy of the Contest. Keep up the good job!

Big Mike @ 2023-10-25 16:27:51

This is a very well done hack.

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of Labrinth Zone, but I absolutely love what you did with it, with Sunken Ship. It's a very beautiful stage.

Sonic2Fan @ 2023-10-29 14:18:08

I like a lot Sonic Maxidrive. The music, story and everything is great. Can you tell what music is used in Chaotic Fair? Because it's super great. It's like that is telling you that the Carnival is arriving and if you like the Canival, well it's your dream. I hope that I see this finished for SHC 2024... on The Contest tab itself. Keep it up!

EDIT: Maybe some improvements & bug fixes are required. The ground into garbage is required to be fixed because it's annoying.

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