Knuckles over Werehog

By Semechko

Hi, that's a mod for Sonic Unleashed that adds Knuckles as a skin for Werehog!

You may be wondering: "I have seen this before... Isn't this just reupload?" - No, i remade this mod myself, and only thing that is here, is idea. That's v2 release and some things are planned for future updates, so be sure to check the Gamebanana page where i upload progress and releases themselves. There is an additional animation, but it's very experimental, but you can try it as a concept! It replaces Aerial A attack, but player will decend very slowly, and I don't know how to fix it. Should be pleced higher than base mod

Hope you will enjoy! (also, this mod is compatible with consoles (screenshots made on X360))

P.s. Some of screenshots are outdated a bit (hud is updated, ignore Werehog icon on old ones)

  • Gnel (original idea)

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Additional Animation (Experimental!!!)
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