Wood Zone Plus

By SonicDeGlitcher

Wood Zone Plus is a mod for Sonic 1 Forever that as the title suggests, restores wood zone from the Sonic 2 Simon Wai Prototype and slaps it into Sonic 1!

This mod includes Wood Zone (+3 stages), Time Travel (+4 stages), Bonus Stages (+2 stages), an entire World Hub for the player to explore, access scrapped stages and use as a level select (+1 stages) and a brand new extra slot character! (Woodified Sonic)


Wood Zone is not compatible with mobile devices, this mod just acts as a broken extra slot mod for mobile users.also, for the love of god check the options before playing because there is a shit ton of customization



Wood Zone can be accessed via Marble Zone Act 1! For more info, take a look at the manual!

Wood Zone Story:

While sprinting after Dr. Ivo Robotnik throughout the hot underground palace (also known as The Marble Zone), Sonic discovered a skeptical information board about some secret woods that is in danger by the Evil Doctor! Sonic trusted the board and headed over to the unfathomable jungle. Join Forces with Sonic on his mission to defeat the dim witted Badniks lurking in the beautiful forest! Disrupt the bomb making activities of Eggman Inc and overthrow Eggman and his Wooden Robot Army!

Woodified Sonic Story:

Woodified Sonic came to life after a lightning struck a sentient tree, with it's new body and need for speed and adventure, making it a lively and Wooden Counterpart to Sonic.

Woodified Sonic Moves:

Ground Pound:

The Ground Pound can easily be performed by pressing A, B, or C, and not holding left or right mid-air. The Ground Pound gives Woodified Sonic a lot of downward momentum upon performing specified inputs.

Directional Ground Pound:

This one can be performed by holding left or right mid-air and pressing A, B, or C. This acts as a Buffed Ground Pound because it also gives him x velocity based on what direction the player was holding!

Bouncy Pound:

The Bouncy Pound is an even More Buffed Ground Pound, using the Ground Pound or the Directional Ground Pound while having the Bubble Shield will cause the player to bounce up upon touching the ground!

More Info on time traveling, secrets and such can be found on the manual that comes with the mod!

Thanks everyone for waiting, and remember: This mod had been made by mostly 3 idiots with no prior modding experience, so bugs, inconsistences and all that are bound to be found, if you come across any, write it in the comments!

Happy 30th Sonic CD anniversary, my beloved :3

  • Sonic De Glitcher: director, musician, coder, level designer
  • Geoose: musician, level designer, artist
  • Samuel772: level designer, artist, translator
  • kkidk: artist
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • marcostrujillo: musician
  • zaiden / sonicn't: musician
  • vgmusic.com: provided midis
  • karlemerald: helped with the options
  • twanvanb1: wood zone / proto casino palette rotation
  • sm2010: beta tester translator
  • davil: beta tester

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 78.52 MB

SM2010ficial @ 2023-10-23 16:25:43

well finally the screen of the shc 2023 is no longer for decoration,I mean yay