Sonic Forces Rewritten

By Sanojavi512

Sonic Forces Rewritten is a mod for the said game that aims to re-write the entire script to make the story more enjoyable by: Improving characterization, fixing plot holes, improving continuity, having a more consistent tone and changing plot points in order to make everything more engaging.

PLEASE (Like actually, PLEASE) PLAY WITH THE NULL SPACE (FULL VERSION) mod by Infinite Force.

WARNING: Sadly there's no voice acting, just text, so I recommend playing on japanese or a language you don't understand.


  • Every type of dialogue is included. During levels, cutscenes and "text cutscenes".
  • Episode Shadow is included and has been renamed to "Prologue: Shadow".
  • The Avatar has changing pronouns depending on the gender.
  • Custom stage names.
  • Cutscenes have names now.
  • Difficulty Names changed to Easy and Normal (Instead of Normal and Hard).


  • This mod may have issues with the "Unused voice lines" mod, it could be a problem on my end while testing but I think I should note it.

The rest didn't work on the mod itself but I want to thank them for making it possible:


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