"Sonic CD - Dubious Depths' s modern restoration" - Demo

By Extra Badnik

The Round 2, Dubious Depths, is back, in a modern wrapper

"Sonic CD - Dubious Depths' s modern restoration" - This is a mod for Sonic CD (2011) decompilation (1.3.1). This mod returns the cut and lost level - Round 2 or Dubious Depths back to Sonic CD, in a less limited CD style and rules. This mod is special in that: recreated based on Dubious Depths materials; has its own visual, drawn specifically for it; is the main level of the game; has its own new, both for CD and for Classic Sonic games, objects; has smart Badniks; has a wide list of music, what you can choose to your taste, as well as three variants of the name (Dubious Depths, Ridiculous Root, Relic Ruins) and his place in D.A. Garden. This year (2023) presented a demo of the mod.

Recommendations for launching the mod:

  • Get a decompilation of Sonic CD (2011), only version 1.3.1, only on PC.
  • Disable all mods that replace or create new characters and mods with custom menus (mods do not connect, because the menu of our mod will overlap the menu of another mod, and the characters "Display.gif" has been modified to add the letters D and R).
  • If you had a save, then the mod will roll you back one zone (for example, if you were on MMZ3, then you will be on SSZ3 in the mod).
  • If you pass the game with this mod, and then turn it off, then instead of Metallic Madness 3 there will be Final Fever 3. But do not expect that you will be able to play on Final Fever, the game will launch MM3

This demo presents:

  • Completed act 1 in the style of Sonic CD' s prototype 0.2 (In all time periods, the level design is the same)
  • Act 2 temporary.
  • Act 3 without a boss.
  • Almost all objects (there are no three objects).
  • A menu where you can customize the music and name.
  • D.A.Garden with Dubious Depths tracks, as well as "Miracle Blue - Little Planet -" from the Sonic Remix Album 1994, replacing "The Little Planet"

The level is made on the basis of these Dubious Depths materials:

  • The concepts from Sonic CD and Sonic Origins.
  • Statements by the leading developers of Sonic CD Naoto Oshima and Masato "Mazin" Nishimura.
  • Dubious Depths cutscene from Sonic CD's credits.
  • Surviving sprites of level, like from the Wacky Workbench's secret room and a sprite list with badniks and the boss.
  • Personal guesses of the mod team.

There is a decent amount of Music in mod. This list:

  • The main Jp and Us from the leading musician of the mod Alex Fox.
  • "Dubious Depths (Relic Ruins) “ R2 ” Master Medley (JP/EU) [HD] - Sonic CD Lost Levels Fan OST" or in mod "Eu" tracks from Jalex777.
  • Tracks from one of the team members - Johney, in Alternative Mix 0.
  • "Sonic CD - (R2) Dubious Depths "P" Mix (Recreation)" by Colterex in Alternative mix 1.
  • "Sonic Stream" from Sonic Remix Album 1994.

It is planned to release:

  • Completed three acts, with differences in time periods.
  • All objects.
  • Amy Rose's unique AI on every act.
  • The boss and his customization.
  • More music.
  • R2 in Time Attack.

That's all. Have a good game.


Team Developming:

  • Director and artist - me, Extra Badnik.
  • Programmer - Makasina555.
  • Testers - Johney and Geared.
  • Main music (JP and US ost) - Alex Fox.

Extra Music: Jalex777, Johney, Colterex.

Special art for mod - Rmd2008.

Also little thanks to "The Little Planet" server.


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System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-23 18:33:52

This looks really cool! Unfortunately I am using the Android decomp, so I can't actually try it out, so I hope in the future you make it mobile compatible in the future!

seph_lol @ 2023-11-02 17:01:23

I want to play but I get a black screen every time I try to boot the game