Sonic Adventure 2: Resynced Demo 2

By HedgeWedge

Were you ever bothered that SA2's cutscenes weren't animated to the English audio, and even with Japanese audio, looked a bit unnatural? Well look no further.

Sonic Adventure 2 Resynced Overview

This mod aims to fix the looming problems with the cutscenes of Sonic Adventure 2. Using new technology for SA2 modding, Resynced aims to finally sync the game with the English audio, fix any lines going over each other, and make the cutscenes feel less awkward and feel more at home with the English dialogue.

Resynced Animations

Sonic Adventure 2: Resynced fully re-animates the mouth animations of the cutscenes. The mod also retimes some lines so that they don't play over each other, due to some lines being shorter in Japenese, leading to them going over each other.

New Expressions

A lot of times, the lack of expressions on characters' faces made things feel awkward. SA2: Resynced adds some more expressions to make thing feel truly more natural.

Retimed Lines

Due to some lines in Japanese being shorter, they go over each other with the English audio. Resynced fixes these problems by retiming these lines to properly play without them being played over another line.

Thanks to new strides within the SA2 modding community, this is all possible.

Demo 2 includes 8 completed cutscenes from the Hero Story, and more will come until the whole game is completed!

  • MentoxDex for the logo

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 11.63 MB

kay7ss @ 2023-11-03 20:24:50

really cool mod, but personally i'd refrain from putting meme edits into a mod that's meant to serve as a fix/improvement mod? that poster in city escape felt unnecessary and i'd assume a lot of people wouldn't want that when they're installing a mod meant to improve the lip syncing. at least make it configurable/optional

HedgeWedge @ 2023-12-08 17:12:11

from a month ago, but like dude. really? let me have fun.