Sonic 1 Reverse Curse RSDK

By campbellsonic

Sonic the Hedgehog has been cursed! Now, when he collects rings, his counter counts DOWN instead of up! And if it dips below zero, it's lights out. It's the ultimate Sonic 1 challenge for those who know the game inside and out: Avoid as many rings as you can!

A full remake of the original ROM hack, now for Sonic 1 2013! Take on the ultimate Sonic 1 challenge run with all of the Retro Engine version's updated features, plus new quality-of-life tweaks and added polish!

Beware the cursed rings: Red rings will deplete from your ring counter one by one! Watch out, because if you touch one with zero rings in the bank, you're dead!

Shield yourself: Classic blue shields and elemental shields will protect you from cursed rings. You'll be able to touch them without harm, but you won't be able to collect them either.

Purify: Use Invincibility Monitors to temporarily purify rings back to their normal state! Try to stock up on as many purified rings as you can before they revert back.

Reset: Need a refresh? Break open a Reset Monitor to reset your ring count back to 5. However, you'll also lose your shield if you have one, so break them wisely!

Find the Emerald Monitors: There's an Emerald Monitor hidden in every Act 1-3. Break it and complete the act without dying to earn a Chaos Emerald! You'll only need six for a good ending, but for true 100% completion, try to find all 18 across the entire game!

Challenge the Boss Acts: A mini fourth act awaits at the end of each zone, filled with a deadly obstacle course of cursed rings, followed by an encounter with Dr. Eggman. But if you're lucky, you might find a hidden 1-up to help you out!

New to this version:

  • Color-Coded Rings: Rings now appear red when they're dangerous, and turn yellow when they're safe. Hooray for visual feedback!
  • Elemental Shields: Protect yourself from dangerous rings with the trio of state-of-the-art shields, now enabled by default. Use them to your advantage to find the safest route!
  • Emerald Tracker: View the status of each act's Emerald Monitor from the Stage Select menu on a completed save. Try to find all 18 across the entire game for true 100% completion!
  • Boss Attack: Take on all six Boss Acts back-to-back in this Time Attack stage! This gauntlet is a true test of your precision platforming skills; do you have what it takes to prevail?
  • Houdini Mode: It's not a bug, it's a feature. 20100326
  • Mod Maker Person
    • campbellsonic
  • Boss Act music
    • Jun Senoue - from Sonic 3D Blast

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