Eggman's Revenge

By 1funniman

‚ÄčThis Sonic 3 A.I.R mod aims to make Sonic 3&K's base game bosses a little more difficult, while adding new bosses to spice it up a bit.

Each boss (minus a few) has been made more difficult, whether that be having different attack patterns, more ways of attacking Sonic and company, or being slightly faster and meaner than their original counterparts, so you definitely want to watch out!

There are three new bosses that have been replaced with new ones. These new bosses can be found in Lava Reef Act 1 at the beginning of the level, Lava Reef Act 3 (or the Lava Reef boss act), and in Death Egg Act 2. They are the Lava Drill, Hotter Mobile (it's my first custom boss ever, so it's rough around the edges), and the DD Wrecker from Sonic Mania respectively. These can be toggled off if you'd like. I did plan to make more custom bosses, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time to fully develop them.

Included in the mod are different settings to configure the bosses. Think a boss is too hard or too easy? Want more or less HP for a boss? Don't like the harder version of a boss? This mod's got you covered. Also included is the option to disable Sonic's Insta-Shield to make the bosses a little more difficult, and is enabled by default. You should disable this if you're experiencing problems though. Also included are some options to make some of the bosses harder if you'd like to, as I couldn't decide whether or not they should be this difficult, so I am giving you the choice!

There are a few bosses that have been excluded from the rest as mentioned way back at the start. These include the first and second Sky Sanctuary Mecha Sonic bosses, and the Death Egg Act 1 boss. This is because of the first two being throwback bosses to earlier Sonic games, and Red-Eye (the Death Egg Act 1 boss) already being kind of difficult.

One last thing, this mod should be able to be put above all other mods without causing problems, but make sure for mods like Agent Stone in Sonic 3 A.I.R (basically other boss-related mods,) that this mod should be put below or above those (depending on which one works best) or be disabled entirely (either one, this mod or another boss-related mod) to ensure compatibility. Sorry for not being more specific, I unfortunately didn't really have the chance to test other boss mods with this one.

With that said, I hope you have fun with these harder bosses, and good luck!

  • Foward-facing Big Arms sprites made by SERGEY E.S.N. (Here are the original sprites)
  • Sprites also taken from both Sonic 3&K and Sonic Mania, and some were modified.
  • Red and yellow warning icon sprites taken from Sonic 3 A.I.R.

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1funniman @ 2023-10-01 04:07:00

I know some bosses are sort of lackluster, but I tried my best to get something finished for this year's SHE. Also, a mistake on my part, the SHC splash screen pops up. I forgot to remove it since my entry was originally for the contest, not expo.

(I also tried my best to make the custom sprites look good, as I am no way near being an artist)

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Guhtati_ @ 2023-10-23 06:34:38

I'm impressed that someone gave Eggman a chance lol

mastermods64 @ 2023-10-23 07:58:38

is very very hard

.MP4 @ 2023-10-23 10:01:08

Comment deleted by .MP4 @ 2023-10-23 10:02:19

nickyechidna1991 @ 2023-10-23 12:57:09

i'm testing that

Speedy_Carter @ 2023-10-23 13:20:53

wow this is amazing Great work!

System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-23 18:35:54

This mod was awesome, I can tell a bunch of effort was put into it, it's a nice spin on the "Harder Bosses" troupe, but actually adding a bunch of new and cool stuff! 9/10 from me!

Krebbit @ 2023-10-26 18:58:25

These aren't lackluster in the slightest, this is among one of the best mods of the entire event. I honestly wish this was out of the EXPO and competing in the contest itself.

Krebbit @ 2023-10-26 18:58:38

Also, just as a compatability annoyance, but when you disable a boss from occuring (at least for FBZ2 Mid), it doesn't actually disable all of the scripts. The Eggman sprites still spawn in priority over other things, which makes it inconvenient to use Stone 3 AIR with it. You should probably contact the Stone 3 AIR team to organize compatability patches as well; your mods are amazing when combined, making a less vanilla and more brand new Sonic 3 experience.

System_Error_Insane_Freddy @ 2023-10-31 20:36:15

Could you make the DD Wrecker, Big Arms, and Hotter Mobile standalone downloads?

Darknic_the_half_demon1234 @ 2023-11-05 03:57:06

I have to say, pingas is very ver very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very, MAD, im impressed

denilsonsa @ 2023-11-18 16:18:28

I found a bug! When playing Hidden Palace and fighting Knuckles as Super/Hyper Sonic, when Knuckles stomps the ground on top of Sonic, Knuckles is bounced back upwards and out of bounds. The boss fight is then soft-locked.

This mod feels quite polished and complete, I agree with the other person saying this could have been a contest entry.

Paradox0 @ 2024-04-01 02:36:51

Hi. Can I use your mod for my modpack?