Sonic Encore (early development version)

By Red2010

Hello, you probably don't even know me by name (don't know that this is the first time you've seen me)

I am Red2010 or Mupkid fan (in youtube)...Leaving aside the presentation of who I am...

Sonic Encore is a project that started in May and its development restarted at the beginning of August of this year, mainly I did it to see what it was like to hack Sonic 1. Although I had several development problems, I miraculously managed to overcome everything and continue working on the hack. And yes I am proud of what I did for this edition of Sonic Hacking Contest

  • More about the project:​​​​​​​

Sonic Encore is an idea to resemble sonic mania plus and its not bad encore mode.

Also because of the green nature of the project, several things will change in the future to make it clear.

Also the music is between good and bad (if you manage to access the other levels), and the spindash is at an early stage to be fully included. For now the music is quite mixed but at least it sounds fairly good. Sonic Encore has a recently finished level and it is not the best in the world

  • Known issues:
  1. The Seascape DAC is partially broken, and as of this writing it has not been fixed.
  2. In some emulators (such as genesis plus gx, etc.) the jump sound does not play correctly in several the sound does not even play
  3. Several Sonic Sprites have not been finished yet, and some are still those of Sonic 1
  • A very bad list of supported emulators:
  1. Kega Fusion
  2. Gens (with errors in the jump sound)
  3. Regen
  4. Blastem
  5. Genesis plus GX (with errors in the jump sound)
  6. Picodrive

PD: We are not sure if it runs on real hardware but let us know what it runs in the comments

  • DeltaWooloo: For helping me fix the 3d blast intro that plays on the tile screen
  • Shc Server: For helping me detect several problems
  • Alfombra de madera: Helped me fix the art of the tile screen
  • Hog: Beta tester
  • Hortinus: Creator of Hesse Sonic Sprites
  • AlinShadxw: Refine hesse sonic sprites

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Red2010 @ 2023-09-22 09:03:39

"This is Recolor"

ziggyzweets @ 2023-10-26 09:06:44

Hello I have tried this on a PAL mega drive and it does infact work. But I did notice some things wrong.

There was no jump sound effect which I found odd, the ending sequence froze when I tried loading it and also the music used for Star light was glitching. I tested this rom on Kega and noticed none of these glitches. Also the music was unoptimised. Overall the game worked and I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs.

Red2010 @ 2023-10-26 12:18:50

with the sound problems it will stay like this.... they are currently working on a rework of Sonic encoré, unfortunately there is no estimated date for that, what if this version fixes and improves the entire sound

PD: Alfombra and I struggled to fix the sound and almost discarded used emulators (gens, picodrive etc)... we only managed to get several emulators to run the game by pure luck, that's how poorly optimized the code is.

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