By LexStorm

Experience Sonic Frontiers in a brand new (yet familiar) light with High Speed Style! High Speed Style is a gameplay overhaul mod with a focus on momentum-based movement and fast paced combat


Speed and Movement: Sonic’s movement is now greatly influenced by the environment. Along with slope influence, dash pads and dash rings will grant him large bursts of speed. Use them to your advantage. In addition, Sonic has a number of abilities that will help maintain and control your speed.

New Abilities:

Legacy Spindash: Spindash has been overhauled. Holding Circle(B) and pressing L2(LT) repeatedly will charge the spindash. The speed Sonic is launched at depends on the number of revs you do beforehand, with the limit being six. Pressing L2(LT) while moving will allow Sonic to roll. When rolling, Sonic can uncurl at will by pressing Circle(B)

Spindashing can only be done when standing still or moving at very slow speeds. Slope influence is much stronger while rolling than running. To achieve the most speed, you want to roll when going down slopes, and run when going up slopes. There are other methods of achieving speed, but that is left to your own discovery

Dash: Replacing the boost is the new dash ability. It can be done in the air or while grinding, and will give Sonic a small burst of speed useful for combat and traversal. Holding air dash near climbable walls will allow Sonic to race up them, and can be held for as long as needed. Grind dash will give Sonic a massive burst of speed, and can be used as many times as needed.

Brake: Replacing slide is brake. Holding Circle(B) on the ground while running allows Sonic to slow down significantly. Use this to decrease your speed if you’re moving too fast to control, or need to move in a more cramped environment without completely stopping. Brake will naturally slow Sonic down to the range needed to charge a spindash.

Air Style: Due to no longer having a boost, air tricks are now activated from pressing R2(RT) in the air while in roll state

Badnik Bounce: Sonic retains speed from jumping into enemies, and maintains aerial options such as the homing attack, drop dash charge, and stomp. He also no longer randomly takes damage when jumping into enemies in cyberspace

Ultra Stomp: Sonic’s lightning stomp is more powerful than ever. It can break guards and send enemies flying. Use “Super Stomp” and “Disable Soldier Eggs” in HMM to get the most out of this ability

New Effects:

Speed Trail: When reaching a high enough speed, environmental effects will appear. In Open-Zone, you’ll notice the wind forming around Sonic along with the dust he kicks when running. In Cyberspace, that wind becomes cyber energy.

Blue Attack Trails: Akin to previous games, Sonic now has a blue trail when using the homing attack, stomp, or spindash

Combat Overhaul:

Pacing and Inputs: Combat abilities have been significantly sped up with changed camera angles. Inputs have also been changed. Read the new skill tree menu to learn how certain moves now work.

CyGauge: The quick cyloop gauge has been extended due to several moves now using it. Draw upon Sonic’s cyber power to boost your attacks and extend combos

Things to Note:

Parry is removed: Sonic can no longer use parry outside of island challenges and titan battles. Grandslam is now an extension of spinslash, allowing it to still be utilized. Because of this, wolves in Ouranos can’t be defeated. So they’re changed to now no longer attack you. You can run around them, watch them walk about. This of course also means that Battle rush in Ouranos is impossible.

Spinbug: Spindash is slightly bugged in 2D sections. You cannot go up 90 degree inclines as you will lose all speed instantly. Circumvent this by uncurling before the incline

Always Unlocked Spin Dash code IS REQUIRED Otherwise you will not be able to use spindash in saves you haven’t unlocked the ability in

Highly Recommended Codes to Improve your Experience:


- Disable Drop Dash Camera delay

- Disable Spin Charge Camera

- Disable Umbrella Camera Lock-On


- Always Unlocked Spindash (Required)


- Disable Guardian Introductions

- Disable Soldier Eggs

- Disable Wolf (if you don’t care to see them walking around)


- Fix Air Boost Reset

- Fix Stomp Reset


- Allow Attacking from Stomp Bounce

- Always Dodge with side step

- Disable Challenge Rails

- Disable Drift Dash Panels

- Disable Hit Stop

- Disable Lava Instant Death

- Disable Loop Kick on Slide

- Disable Spin Slash on Drop Dash

- Disable Stomp Flip

- Disable Thorn Cylinders

- Drop Dash on Double Jump

- Super Stomp (Highly Recommended)


- Disable Decelerate Collision

Code Conflicts (Keep these disabled when playing the mod)


- Retain Ground Velocity for Jump (Causes Crashes)


- Fix Damage from Jumping into enemies (May Cause Crashes)


- Disable Power Boost (Messes with physics)


Weezley: Legacy Spindash, Air Style Homing Attack & Stomp trails

Proto: Base code for Wind and Cyber energy effects

Hyper: Super Stomp, Jump Velocity, 2D dropdash, and other general HMM codes

LexStorm: Physics, spindash adjustments, enemy adjustments, combat overhaul, brake, dash, Badnik bounce, reanimated abilities, ultra stomp, Wind and Cyber energy effects,


File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 33.51 MB

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-25 14:21:50

Seems to be broken, the second I enable the mod I get a billion issues in an "error compiling codes" window saying all this stuff doesn't exist.

Additionally, trying to install it as a compressed archive from my downloads folder, it didn't even show up in HMM's file explorer window, I had to extract it to the mods folder manually.