SADX Weighted Characters Example Mod

By MainMemory

This mod is an example of a new API in the SADX Mod Loader that brings weights to SADX models. With weights, models can have smooth bends like SA2 and more modern games, instead of the stiff and complicated weld system the game normally uses. Weights can also be edited directly in Blender, whereas welds need to be edited separately.

This example mod replaces every playable character's main model, giving them weights based on the original weld data, with the exception of Sonic, who uses a modified model with smoother weights. Gamma and Metal Sonic are unchanged from the vanilla game and are included for completeness. This mod will look largely identical to the vanilla game, and is here as a technical showcase only.

Check the GitHub for source code and instructions on how to build your own mod from it (check releases):

Known issues:

  • Sonic's Crystal Ring is disabled (needs to be implemented in a new way)
  • Sonic's stretchy shoes are disabled (possible to restore but I didn't feel like creating weights for them)
  • Knuckles' upgrades are disabled (these would need to be implemented in a new way)
  • Code modified from original by Sega/Sonic Team
  • Custom Sonic model by ItsEasyActually

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AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-25 14:23:52

Yooo this is a cool concept! With the new blender add-on and event editing, cutscene modding is gonna go HARD, and cutscenes were like the one thing that needed mod improvements that we previously couldn't do. I anticipate a Modern SA1 in the coming years lol

MainMemory @ 2023-10-26 10:01:23

The Blender addon can only edit SA2 cutscenes. SA1 cutscenes are hardcoded, and thus can only be edited by custom C++ code (unless someone implements an alternative cutscene system).

AortaPlatinum @ 2023-10-29 20:13:33

Ohh right, forgot about that. And plus, cutscenes in SA1 do that 90s RPG thing of having the characters just interpolate between a few different poses and states, so you'd have to re-make each pose and state animation in a way that matches all the different contexts for each cutscene.