Sonic Heroes Adventure

By jackelzxa

Sonic Heroes Adventure Rebalances the game's Story Modes to have a progression more like the Adventure Games!

This is a mod I'd wanted to make for a while, where all four teams' story modes work together when played back to back, with Last Story being unlockable via regular play.

  1. Team Sonic plays only the Act 1 Stages for each Zone, with a free attempt at a Chaos Emerald Special Stage, before each Boss.
  2. Team Dark plays only the Act 2 Stages for each Zone before the Boss, with the skipped stages replaced with a S3&K style Transitional Sequence.
  3. Team Rose plays shorter versions of Both Acts for each Zone before the Boss, with some difficulty adjustments to make them a Normal Challenge.
  4. Team Chaotix plays rebalanced missions for Both Acts for each Zone before the Boss, with objective placements and clues adjusted to make it easier to clear stages in ONE ATTEMPT.

Other Changes:

  • Team Dark and Super Hard Mode use the same difficulty setting as Team Sonic.
  • Omochao and Hint Rings are removed, important stage dialog from skipped stages is reworked.
  • To replay Special Stages quickly, just select any Act 2 Stage from Team Sonic's Challenge Menu.
  • Team Battle Bosses function properly now, Enemy Teams will no longer steer into a pit when hit with a Tornado Attack. You'll have to use Type Weaknesses to beat each Team Battle.
  • Some Stages have had PC Only Death Traps fixed to no longer Kill the Player randomly.

Special Notes:

  • While Every Team Story can be cleared in the Normal Version of this mod, if you want to get All A Ranks, you need to switch to the HARD Version to get enough points in the Team Dark Missions for those A ranks.
  • Team Sonic's and Team Dark's Skipped Stages will provide you with a Free A Rank.
  • This mod is for the Reloaded II Mod Loader.
  • This mod replaces nearly every stage file in the game. Physics Mods and Stage Mods WILL conflict with this mod.
  • Alternate Downloads for HARD and SUPER HARD stage layouts have been included, this modifies Teams Sonic, Dark, and Super Hard Mode.
  • Hint Ring Removal
    • sovic91

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 3.31 MB

Extra Public Downloads
Hard Mode
3.48 MB
Super Hard Mode
3.29 MB

Sewer56 @ 2023-10-27 15:45:30

This mod is borked because a dependency on `Reloaded Universal Redirector` is missing. Someone removed this by hand from `ModConfig.json`, not sure if the mod authors or site staff. I'll try get this sorted.

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