STH2006 Project Demo 5

By brianuuu

This is an unofficial project which imports all of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) main stages from Xbox360/PS3 version into Sonic Generations on PC. This project aims to port the stages as similar to the original game as possible, but also includes changes which accommodate to the complete different physics and controls in Sonic Generations.

In this demo, you will be able to play 4 stages, Wave Ocean, Crisis City, Tropical Jungle and Kingdom Valley. You can find the warp gates to the stages inside Soleanna HUB world. If you are lost, the noticeboards scattered around the HUB will guide you where the warp gates are!

You are highly recommended to play with Sonic 06 Definitive Experience mod which is available in Contest, you will be able to not only play with character models from 06, but also change the gameplay into 06 style, and also use recreated movesets from 06!

All the levels in this mod are designed to be able to play with both Generations physics and 06 physics from Sonic 06 Definitive Experiece mod, challenge yourself to get S-ranks with 06 physics, and find the 5 hidden Silver Medals within the stages!

This mod also supports both English and Japanese! Simply change the voice-over setting in option menu to your preferred language and you can listen to the respective dialog! However if you want to change the subtitle language you will have to change via Steam or regedit.

With the help of code injection, this mod can now achieve advance gameplay that cannot be done before, here are a few highlights:

  • Enemy Triggers: This allows objects to be triggered by defeating enemies, this feature existed in Sonic Unleashed but has been removed in Sonic Generations, it has now been brought back. This also made defeating enemy leader destroying other enemies possible!
  • 06 Itemboxes: Most of the 06 itemboxes have been imported, this includes 5,10,20 ring, invincibility, gauge up capsules and more can be located in various stages, not only you can lock-on to them just like 06, they also came with recreated particle effects!
  • Character Specific Dialogs: Dialogs will be changed base on what character you are playing, if you play as Sonic+Elise in Sonic 06 Definitive Experience mod in Tropical Jungle, different dialogs will be played!
  • Walking NPCs: There were no existing ways to make objects follow a path in Sonic Generations, Soleanna HUB World used to only have static NPCs, but with code injection, walking NPCs are now possible and made the HUB World more lively!

You MUST use HedgeModManager, SonicGMI is NOT supported! You MUST also download and play this mod with Direct3D 9 Ex.

Finally, enabling Better FxPipeline is also highly recommended to enhance the overall experience!

Known Issues:

  • In Crisis City part 2 where you grind rails, sometimes if you switch rail you might fall under the rails, the is due the the paths aren't perfectly in parallel in the original design of Crisis City
  • When continuing from a save, it can take about 7 seconds to start transitioning, this is harmless but can feel weird if not known beforehand

Enjoy the demo!


brianuuu (brianuuuSonic)

  • Main mod developer
  • All stages terrain, splines, layout designs
  • 06 objects and animations
  • Omochao removal
  • Stage object physics
  • Story sequence hacking
  • 06 particle effects recreation
  • DLL mod codes


  • Main mod developer
  • Creator of Tropical Jungle Part 1&2
  • Stage object physics


  • Creator of SonicGlvl


  • Spline Exporter


  • Tools and various help


  • Soleanna HUB GIA
  • Tropical Jungle, Kingdom Valley GIA


  • Mephlies animation
  • Various rigging fix
  • Sliver animation in Kingdom Valley
  • Background dolphin animations in Wave Ocean
  • Background eagle animations in Kingdom Valley
  • 06 springs

Mario Tainaka

  • Stage sound effects
  • Japanese voice clips
  • Stage BGM
  • Cutscene fixing and encoding
  • Various sound encoding


  • Wave Ocean GIA


  • 06 dashpad & rainbow ring
  • Mod banner
  • Mod introduction cilp


  • UV-anim script
  • 06 path import script
  • Whale model in Wave Ocean

Zoney (TwlightZoney)

  • Chaos Drive/Light Core models & materials


  • Beta testing
  • Japanese subtitle translation & proof-reading


  • Project funding


  • Creator of Glitter Studio (particle effect editor)


  • Stage SceneEffect adjustment

sobatsuyu100, JohnTB, Double S 124, Playcore22, Brolijah

  • Beta testing


  • STH2006 cutscenes recording


  • 06 CSB Tool


  • Decomplied lua script from XBOX360 version


  • 06 Silver boss rigging


  • E123-Omega replace Vector model


  • Michael Scott reaction to Elise's kiss idea

File Type: 7z

File Size: 2.27 GB