SHC2021 Update: Sunday 15th August

By Spanner @ 2021-08-15 08:23:49

It's been a few days since the website has been up for submissions and we're already getting in a good amount of entries. Please submit if you have something good to enter, including short demos of one or more levels!

In the Rules and Guidelines page we have added a line regarding updates for 2DPC and 3D mods. Please apply this to avoid your entry from being automatically updated during the judging period and Contest Week.

Please note that if you have implemented the Mega Drive Splash Screen, a fix has been made to the files to address a DMA window issue.

Another fix was also updated to the Mega Drive Splash Screen later in the day of Sunday 15th August due to VDP issues, so please download and use the new binary file for your game.

The Sonic Mania splash screen has now been ported over to other RSDK games (Sonic 1 / 2 / CD) so all RSDK games can now take advantage of the SHC Splash Screen.

Finally, can I remind people to check the submission rules and guidelines before you submit to either the Contest or Expo. You must ensure that each entry will meet the Quality Control Criteria.

Also, all entries MUST be based on a Sonic game or ROM. Sonic character ports into other non-Sonic games do not count as acceptable entries for SHC. Although there is the argument out there that these could be allowed in the Expo, we don't want it to be a free-for-all where everyone finds a game they can put Sonic into and put it into an entry. There may be other websites where those kinds of games can be submitted to instead.

Judges are scanning over entries as they get submitted and if there is anything that will not meet the criteria or is not eligible for submission, we reserve the right to reject said entry and email the submitter about it.

If anyone comes across any further issues or have any questions, you can join the Discord server. We have a ModMail bot which you can DM, and the Judges will see your response and reply where need be.