We are receiving a good amount of entries to the Contest and Expo so far, but there's still a few weeks away before the first deadline for the Contest.

However, I must state that there has been an attempt to dodge the submission rules, which are in place to have an enjoyable Contest Week.

This time, we have had someone register multiple accounts to submit multiple Kaizo hacks to the Expo, with the same IP address.

You are only allowed one account per person. Duplicate user accounts for the purpose of evading the submission rules are not tolerated, and any caught are banned from submitting to SHC with their entries being disqualified.

Please refer to our rules regarding Kaizo hacks:

4. All entries should be enjoyable for all to play. Please refrain from submitting monotonous, off-putting, or insanely difficult entries (such as "Kaizo" hacks). While these are enjoyable to some we want everyone here to be able to enjoy your entries, and unfortunately these just do not do so to most. If you feel you must submit one of these, please stick to the Expo rather than the Contest.

Submitting one of them, provided they were of an acceptable quality, would have been fine, as much as people do not like them. Submitting a series of five poor quality entries under duplicate accounts however is not.

Also, SAGE 2021 is now live as of this post, so feel free to check out their games on offer during this coming week.