We're halfway through the week and there's still plenty of streams to go and plenty more games to play.

Can I remind people to please be respectful towards them as well, they are our guests (just as the public are) and if they are having trouble with an entry let them sort it out, we will assist them when they ask for it.

Some streamers like to do things their own way and that's okay. We do not control their content, we provide the entries, and can help set up when asked to.

Many streamers are also busy and have other commitments before and after the Contest Week (and some just came back from other events too), please accept that we only have their attention for this week only for the most part.

If you like what you see, please follow / subscribe them for more of their other content! They don't just stream Sonic games after all.

Also, please can people understand, there are time constraints in play, and streamers may not be able to get around to playing everything in an entry, or things in particular.

I understand if people get disappointed about that however the public are encouraged, to download and play the entries themselves, for the full experience.

We have had many great streams and even if some have had a few hiccups, the streamers have improved upon them - remember, many streamers are showing SHC more than once.

At SHC, the door is always welcome for the streamers to return in 2022, as many have done in the previous years. So if they can make it, expect them to return for next year's SHC.

Thanks for reading and let us know, what we can do better!

P.S: We have a Sonic Riders DX invitational tournament on right now as Garrulous64 is unable to stream today, come and watch!