Welcome to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2023!

By Cinossu @ 2023-08-17 23:00:00

... Hey, is this thing on? I think it's on...

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2023!

Where's the new site, I hear you ask? Don't worry about it! We're here and we're once again all ready for another exciting year of hacks and mods! (tl;dr, Work keeps me extremely busy and it's not ready yet. Shocker, I know.)

I'll let others say more, but for information on updates and changes since the last year please take a look around the various Information pages. They should have everything relevant, however as always you can contact any of the SHC staff on Discord for more help or information.

I look forward, as all years, to seeing just what everyone comes up with for both the Contest and Expo. Enjoy!

MilesWithTails @ 2023-09-21 05:39:12


I-like-Sonic-91 @ 2023-09-21 19:14:37


vania5617 @ 2023-10-01 13:01:55

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IMABIGSONICFAN1234 @ 2023-09-23 01:42:03

I cant wait to play the new stuff, the best of all time

vania5617 @ 2023-10-01 13:03:05

And this is the first SHC in which I decided to take part

HedgeWedge @ 2023-10-07 10:56:11

Same for me

Maurice @ 2023-09-24 05:18:26


Nightfall_Lover @ 2023-09-24 07:36:38

Aw yeah! This is happening

MrJorge97 @ 2023-09-26 12:06:10

A SHC evoluiu demais, sempre trazendo boas hacks e mods. Quando eu aprender, talvez sejo o próximo a criar hack pra essa plataforma

m43l_z3r0 @ 2023-10-05 13:19:14

sim mn, já tenho até ideia do q quero fazer kkk

HedgeWedge @ 2023-09-27 14:38:30

Can't wait to have my mod in the expo!

vania5617 @ 2023-10-01 13:03:41

My mod in the expo too ^_^

SonicDeGlitcher @ 2023-09-29 15:31:52


SonicTheHedgehogSTK @ 2023-09-30 01:38:11

I agree

vania5617 @ 2023-10-01 12:23:04

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Semechko @ 2023-10-01 22:46:34

I wonder what we will get this year, hope there will be many interesting things!

spider-man @ 2023-10-04 04:11:00

I love all you guys stuff

SmashyGuySHC @ 2023-10-16 14:41:08

i am just here to vote for the stuff, not make or play any of them [pls do not get mad]

SonicJoeyGaming @ 2023-10-16 15:04:47

Loving the more Adventure styled sprites seen in Eggman's Conquest and I'm interested in Hellfire Saga. Ah hell, I'll just give everything a shot.

Purple @ 2023-10-16 20:41:25

It's happening!

Gatorshark @ 2023-10-23 10:20:57

Looks like that one enhancement userscript (https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/416300) for the site is still applicable. I like how it fits the stream schedule to my phone's screen, and makes a distinction for video-content pics.

Can't wait to delve more into this year's entries!

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StickyGaming @ 2023-10-23 14:46:01

First time being in a SHC comment section :D