Want more Contest? We've got you!

By giovanni.gen @ 2024-02-16 06:14:18

I would like to take the occasion to remind everyone that there's more than just the annual Sonic Hacking Contest in store! We happen to host a few Side Events, one with a focus on Mega Drive Music, and one with a focus on 2D Sonic Level Design! If you're interested, feel free to join our Discord server if you haven't yet!

If, for some reason, you were previously banned from the Discord server, and would like to appeal a previous action, contact us at shc<.>zone<.>site<@>gmail<.>com (without the "<>"s); we will examine your situation, and we may even reverse the decision!

In the mean time, stick around and keep your eyes pointed towards this website and our socials for further news! Big things are just around the corner!

RadioTails @ 2024-03-01 12:19:28

I tried to send an e-mail, but it looks like the email address is undergoing maintenance...

I'll try again tomorrow.