Yet another important statement about FireRat and associates

By giovanni.gen @ 2024-03-29 16:59:06

UPDATE: As of the time of sharing of this update, FireRat and associates have been removed from the mentioned community. We thank Hame for his cooperation.

It is important to reinforce that this document was meant to target FireRat, Eduardo Knuckles, and Mr. Joker 27. Other individuals that may appear in the screenshot or within the community were not necessarily knowingly or willingly involved with FireRat and associates, and we ask that they not be harassed without evidence suggesting otherwise.


We have received notice that known pedophile FireRat is actively frequenting an emerging Sonic ROM Hacking community.

Please read this document for further details.

Community managers reading this, especially on Sonic ROM Hacking adjacent communities, are encouraged to spread this document, so that more people are made aware of this.

Once again, to ensure that this document gets the notice it deserves, we are delaying the announcement of the Sonic Hacking Contest 2024 to April 6th