We are suspending support for the Sonic Level Design Contest

By giovanni.gen @ 2024-04-16 05:10:28

As of Friday, April 12th 2024, the Sonic Level Design Contest has entered an indefinite hiatus.

Locking the event down to a Discord server has significantly killed its reach, with not even a hundred of readers for it. Additionally, there were serious flaws with its structure and management that have gone largely unaddressed.

For these reasons, we will no longer be hosting new rounds of the Sonic Level Design Contest in our Discord server, and we will be holding off from starting new rounds until we can deliver this event in a more accessible platform, with an all new structure.

This event has great potential, and has the chance to become a bite-sized, more frequent alternative to the Sonic Hacking Contest, but it can not be continued under the current structure.

Thank you all who have given the Sonic Level Design Contest a chance!

All entries have been archived and promoted within SHC controlled platforms, and can be downloaded right here.

We ask entrants to further advertise their entries themselves, should they wish to do so.