How to reach out to the SHC

By giovanni.gen @ 2024-04-28 02:47:10

We'd like to remind you that the best ways to reach out are by either contacting us over at shc[.]zone[.]site[@]gmail[.]com (without the "[]"s), or by using the ModMail bot present in our Discord Server. You do not need to have completed the server's internal validation to use the latter.

We have a previous email we use for other purposes: however, we have to ask you not to send correspondence to said email, as retrieval times may extend beyond your liking. Please use the one specified in the paragraph above.

Additionally, we have to remind you not to send potential entries through our email or other means of contact. The only allowed method of submission is the SHC website's own submission system, which will be enabled later in August. Entries sent through other means, and without going through the submission system as instructed will not be considered.