SHC2022 Updates and Changes

By Spanner @ 2022-08-12 19:32:09

We are now LIVE and ready to take your submissions to this year's Hacking Contest and Expo.

Please submit your entries on and refer to the rules on how to submit, the quality control and of course, how to submit to this year's trailer.

Anyone especially submitting 2DPC entries (+ S3 AIR), please check to see if your entry is eligible for the Contest or Expo.

On the website, we have added some highly requested features in the forms of One Click Installs for most mod loaders for quick and easy playing as well as multiple upload support which can also be limited to Media Panel and / or Judges to allow for exclusive uploads such as save files so your entry can be played to your requests.

This should address a few issues identified on previous contest weeks, however we hope to add a few more features as well to the site, which will be ready for the Contest Week, and much more.

The Splash Screens have also been updated for this year, although the RSDK screens are awaiting an update, so please bear with us whilst we implement this. We also have a Splash Screen ready for Sonic 3 A.I.R mods too.

EDIT: We have made an amendment to the rules regarding Copyright & Intellectual Property when it comes to requiring external assets from other games.

If anyone has any issue with trying to submit, or have any questions, do let us know by visiting the SHC Discord.

Silasthebest @ 2022-08-13 10:18:29

Kinda good! But i will try to make my own hack on my pc (since im on mobile and wont work) with everything having new design. Even special stages! (And it will be on next year.)

Last modified by Silasthebest @ 2022-08-13 10:31:08

Roebloz @ 2022-08-23 11:56:16

Good luck.

TheHexinator @ 2022-09-04 07:09:58

Cool! i just noticed tthat the contest submissions end today but i can stil not see any entries, why?

Cinossu @ 2022-09-05 01:48:40

For one, it's only the first contest deadline. This means that no new entries can be added to the Contest, but those who got their entries done in time for it get an extra week to polish things up. However, even then you won't be able to see any of the entries until the Contest Week in October, as that's when they go live to the public. The time inbetween is for the judges to play them and make their judgements.