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A.I.R. Eevee in Sonic 1

By SonicFan214

Apotos & Shamar Adventure Pack

By tuanpingas

Big the Cat in Sonic the Hedgehog

By E-122-Psi

Dash Adventure 2

By Revenir

Hellfire Saga

By Hardline Team

MISSION REPLACEMENT: SA1 Gamma-Timer Variant over Kill X Many Missions

By Twilord

Mystic Cave Zone Mania-fied

By campbellsonic

Shivery Mountainsides

By Goalringmod27

Silver Sonic: The Revenge

By Roebloz

SNOLF: Tournament Edition

By drmelon

Sonic '06 - Emerald Coast

By Nonami

Sonic '06 - Seaside Hill

By Knuxfan24

Sonic 06 Definitive Experience

By brianuuu

Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris

By JotaroPowered

Sonic 1 Blastless DX

By vladikcomper

Sonic 1 Definitive

By Inferno

Sonic 1 Flash Flood

By TheInvisibleSun

Sonic 2 Desynced

By GTKoopa

Sonic 2 Mania SHC2021 Demo

By AChickMcNuggie

Sonic 2 Tailsplosion

By GTKoopa

Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Epilogue

By TheBlad768

Sonic 3C Delta

By Chainspike


By jackelzxa

SONIC DELTA 40Mb (Sonic Delta Next)

By Neto

Sonic Forces Overclocked - Freight Frenzy DEMO - SHC2021 Edition

By TheDuckDealer

Sonic Forces Re-imagined - SHC 2021 Demo

By brandonj

Sonic Riders DX

By Extreme Gear Labs

Sonic Riders Regravitified v1.0

By Xithyl_kykorl

Sonic Sunventure SHC 2021

By Scrap Sorra

Sonic the Hackable - Splash Hill Demo

By NyaNyaLily

Sonic the Hedgehog - Anniversary Edition

By SophieDude

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Anniversary Edition

By SophieDude

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition

By E-122-Psi

Sonic the Hedgehog Forever

By Team Forever

Sonic The Hedgehog: Ancient Isles

By Catswell

Sonic The Hedgehog: Lost Island Demo

By CartoonsAnimate22

Sonic Vintage

By ZachmanAwesomeness

Tails Advent

By lordxernom

Tropical Resort Act 1 in Sonic Forces


VTuber in Sonic 1

By ProjectFM

Yoshi's Island Zone DLC Restoration

By ĐeäTh

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