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Another South Island Adventure

By DeltaWooloo

Autodemo Windy Valley Hardmode (unfinished)

By PurpleTwirler

Burrotis's Super Sonic in Sonic CD

By SoN1c2001

Colors Sonic

By saguinee

Cursed Hedgehogs 2: Ken the Penders™


Cursed Sonic 3 & Knuckles

By MainMemory

Customizable Results Music

By MandM

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Spanish Translations (Latin America and European)

By RadioTails


By DarkVampireDee

Kaizonic Through Islands

By FatalPepper66

Kate the Wolf in SA2

By MainMemory

Link Sonic

By MandM

Mushroom Zone Neo

By PurpleTwirler

SA1: The Emblem Challenge

By Speeps

Sonic & Knuckles Master Edition SHC21

By Xebninmaj

Sonic '06 - Greenflower Zone

By Knuxfan24

Sonic 06: Super Hard Mode

By GordonRamsay

Sonic 1: 50Hz = 60Hz (240p Edition)

By vladikcomper

Sonic 1: Encore Mode

By VictorHedgehog

Sonic 2 but with Chaotix Physics

By Jdpense

Sonic 2 CD Remix 2021 Demo

By Pacca

Sonic 2 PN Arcade

By PikaNoob

Sonic 2 Tag Team

By Jdpense

Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story

By Xanderoni

Sonic Black and White

By TheInvisibleSun

Sonic Colors DX Revised (HD overhaul)

By threethan

Sonic Colors: Episode Shadow

By Lady_Luna


By MCTravisYT

Sonic Forces DLC Project Demo

By SuperSonicThomas

Sonic Generations - LATAM Translation Mod v2.0

By senorDane

Sonic Heroes Advanced

By Shadow Side

Sonic Heroes: Encore Mode V0.7

By Sovic91

Sonic Magnified

By Giovanni

Sonic Maxidrive (Rust Hill Demo for SHC 2021 Expo)

By Speems

Sonic Renovation

By Adriano

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman

By Alex Field

Sonic The Hedgehog: Dark's World Defeat: SHC Demo

By rayisepic

Sonic: Angel Island Adventure - The First Half (AIZ Demo)

By saan1ty

Sony Hawk's Pro Skater

By Goalringmod27

STH2006 Project Demo 5

By brianuuu

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