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Better Emerald Coast

By AtomicCody

Bounce Attack+

By Lady_Lunanova

CD Style Characters

By RetroForever

Classic Metal Sonic in Forces


Definitive Frontiers HUD for Generations

By NextinHKRY

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Spanish Translations (Español Latino | Español de España) - V2.1

By RadioTails

Episode Blaze - Reimagined Mini-DLC

By Sticks_Unleashed

Female Sonic

By kawaiikaorichan

Gameplay Overhaul Mod v1.0

By Proto_DX



Jesus Custom Levels (v1.2.1)

By Jesus_PK

Klonoa The Cabbit in Sonic 1

By baraksha

RSDKv5 Decomp SMPS Mod

By MainMemory

SHC2022 Sonic eggman's conquest

By lavagaming1

Sonic & Knuckles Collection Randomizer

By MainMemory

SONIC & KNUCKLES russian language translation

By Nik_Pi

Sonic 06 - Amy Rose Improvement Mod EX by Rei-san and OtterWithAController

By OtterWithAController

Sonic 1 Prototype Ultimate (Demo)

By MattGamer

Sonic 1: Flying Palmtrees Edition

By FatalPepper66

Sonic 1: Unfinished Example Remade [SHC22 Expo Demo]

By DarkShamilKhan

Sonic 2: The Secret Zones

By CamManS5

Sonic 3 & Knuckles Experience

By SonicProductivity

Sonic Adventure 2 Chaos Mod for Nintendo Gamecube

By evilartnboy

Sonic Battle: Revised Edition (BETA v1.1)

By SpudNinja

Sonic CD New Special Stages

By MainMemory

Sonic CD with Faster Time Warps (Palmtree Panic Act 1 Demo)

By Ralakimus

Sonic Eternity (Demo)

By 29yami

Sonic Learns the SpinSwim

By LittleFieryOne

Sonic Maxidrive (SHC 2022 Demo)

By Speems

Sonic Overclocked SHC Demo

By RobiWanKenobi


By Dreamcast Team

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition

By E-122-Psi

Sonic Unleashed: Encore

By Sticks_Unleashed

Sonic.EXE Mania Abyss

By haloarbiter117

Sonitroid (Prototype)

By Scrap Sorra

STH: Atomic Disaster (SHC Demo)

By lemonSAGE

The worst Sonic the Hedgehog romhack (featuring mario)

By Sonic_the_dutch_hedgehog

Tidal tempest on the mega drive

By lavagaming1

Trans Fem Sonic (Gameplay Demo) V1.5

By Lady_Lunanova

Werehog Wiimprovement

By SuperrSonic

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